Toxin Free Home: NanoTech Cabinet Finish Review

Hi there and happy Monday!  I’m so excited about what I have to share with you today.  This past month our family moved into a BEAUTIFUL new home that our family purchased for us.  (Seriously, the whole thing is something out of a TV show!!) The house is such a beautiful gift from God and we have received it with wide open hands a hundred million THANK YOU’S! over and over.

Anyway, the house is so beautiful and it is brand new.  The frame was completely built, but we got to pick all the details for the house.  Hello!!! Let’s just say I’ve never picked paint colors or granite countertops before, but I had a BLAST doing it!!

Since we got to pick so many of the details, it was very important to me that the materials used to finish our home were as non toxic as possible.  Many people don’t realize that chemicals used within the home such as paint, cabinet finishes and sealers, carpet backing and carpet itself, and a whole slew of other household chemicals don’t only offgas toxins for the first few days or weeks (when you can smell it) but for up to 5 years in some cases! 

This is especially true of paint and carpet.  What’s the most scary is that these chemicals are known, proven carcinogens (causing cancer) and contribute to a host of other hormonal, (endocrine) and respiratory problems as well.  Not to mention that they add to the toxic load of your body.  Let’s just say that these are the chemicals we want to AVOID breathing in our homes everyday!!!

As soon as the home was given to us, the builder explained that he had put gorgeous cherry wood cabinets throughout the house.  They are such a gift from the Lord because they are just gorgeous, but they’re not supposed to be there. Our builder said he has never put cherry cabinets in a home (especially in all the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, etc) because of their high price tag.  However, his cabinet supplier had a surplus of cherry wood from a recent job and offered to put cherry cabinets in our house in exchange for another favor from our builder. They are long time friends and so cherry wood is what went into our house!! (This was before it was given to us)

When we talked with our builder, Brian, about staining the cabinets, we knew we wanted to preserve the beautiful, natural integrity of the cherry itself, by applying only a clear lacquer and not staining it in any way.  However, he made very clear to us that the lacquer his painter would use would exceed over 600 VOC’s and that even he personally could not be within 20 feet of a home that was having lacquer applied.  He said it smelled for days. 

As soon as he said that I started researching for non toxic cabinet finishes.  I couldn’t bear the thought of our beautiful cherry cabinets off gassing chemicals for years to come.  And I knew that I’d never be able to enjoy my kitchen when we first moved in!! I am so sensitive to chemical exposure and immediately get headaches, sinus problems, or become dizzy & nauseated. 

I searched online for hours.  I found several excellent companies that make non toxic cabinet finishes- primarily Vermont Natural Coatings, AFM, (whose paint I’ll discuss in another review!) and finally EarthPaint brand.  I compared all of them, but what finally sold me on the Earthpaint line was how fast it dried.  Our painter claimed that his typical polyurethane lacquer dried in 10 minutes or less.  (And left a host of chemicals behind!)

Since our cabinets were being finished in the height of Missouri heat, many natural products would take up to 2.5 hours to dry instead of 10 minutes.  This would mean an upcharge of labor of  hundreds of dollars for us.  So when I found Nanotech, which features no nmp, TEA and isocyanate poison, which are typically found in polyurethanes, and extremely low VOC, but also dried in 30 minutes or less, I knew we’d found our match!

After some persuading, our painter agreed to use the new product.  And guess what?? His crew LOVED it!!! They couldn’t believe that it didn’t smell at ALL, applied beautifully, and just made our lovely cherry wood sparkle!! When we came over in the evening after it had been applied, you couldn’t smell a thing!  Wow, thank you EarthPaint!

But enough words- here are some pictures of the final product!!










Aren’t they just gorgeous??! We’re so blessed and I am SO happy with the job that NanoTech did.  They just sparkle and they are very easy to clean as well.  We purchased the "Clear" NanoTech finish, since we wanted to preserve the natural coloring of the cherry wood as much as possible.  I really couldn’t be happier!  And it’s so wonderful to work in my kitchen without any side effects from recently applied chemicals, and also to know that they won’t be off-gassing chemicals for years to come!  Thank you EarthPaint for making these non toxic products without sacrificing performance!

By the way, EarthPaint also manufactures paint, primer, and a whole slew of other non toxic wood finishing products.  If we ever stain our deck, I’ll be using their outdoor wood stain! 

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that it showed you there are non toxic products available on the market that are safe for your family!

Stay tuned for some upcoming reviews of more non toxic products that we used in our new home!

Have a great day 🙂

Lots of love,

Catherine Slezinger






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