Toxin Free Body: Get Your Energy Back!

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of Vitamin B12. In particular, it supports these functions in your body:

* Helping to maintain normal energy levels
* Promoting healthy neurological activity, including mental alertness
* Supporting normal homocysteine levels for healthy heart function
* Helping to ease occasional stress and sleeplessness
* Maintaining healthy cell growth and repair
* Promoting normal immune function
* Supporting normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats

Unfortunately, studies show that the majority of us are not getting enough B12 in our diets. Today I wanted to show you some awesome Garden of Life supplements to help you get your energy back!

Below is a picture of Garden of Life’s Raw Kombucha. This supplement is awesome because it gives you all the health benefits of drinking kombucha, (including the B vitamins) in an affordable, capsule form.

This supplement helped me get through many sleep deprived newborn days!

Garden of Life also makes a B Vitamin Complex supplement, as well as a B12 specific supplement.

As always, I recommend Garden of Life’s supplements the most because of their superiority of ingredients, and digestibility. If your body cannot absorb the nutrients you are giving it (the case with most supplements) why waste your money? Give your body the fuel that it needs and it will take care of you.

In this case, you’ll feel much better with a whole lot more energy! You could even take these just when you feel you need a boost.

Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than coffee everyday! 😉

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