The top 5 adaptogens to boost your mood!


In case you didn’t read yesterday’s email, we talked about a set of herbs called adaptogens that are ready to give you more energy, less stress, reduce the likelihood that you’ll get a serious disease like cancer or have a heart attack, help you sleep better, and balance your hormones.


Interestingly there are only 16 herbs that have been scientifically proven to possess these broad spectrum benefits.

Today I’ll share with you my top 5, and over the next couple of days we’ll look at them more in depth and I’ll tell you where to get them.

#1 stress busting adaptogenic herb: organic ashwagandha 

#2 immune boosting adaptogenic herb: organic reishi mushroom

#3 life changing adaptogenic herb : organic rhodiola rosea

#4 brain boosting adaptogenic herb: organic ginseng

#5 energy giving adaptogenic herb: organic maca

(Note: there are three out of five of these adaptogens in the homemade organic hot chocolate pictured above!)

Talk to you tomorrow 🙂

With much love, and for your extraordinary health!
Catherine Slezinger
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