Organic Red Lentil Pasta by Tolerant

Red Lentil PastaWhat is childhood without noodles? Spaghetti and meatballs? I don’t know many kids who don’t love noodles. But traditional pasta is filled with empty calories and refined, chemical laden white flour. One of our family’s favorites substitutions is the red and green lentil pasta by Tolerant.

I couldn’t be happier that my kids are not only NOT eating white flour pasta, they’re eating lentils in a truly innocuous form.

The noodles are hearty, filling, and taste great mixed with a generous helping of organic butter. I like to boil the pasta, cook it, drain it, and then melt 3-4 tablespoons of butter that I used to cook the pasta in, and return the noodles to the pan. I mix the butter in with the noodles. You can then serve with the best meatballs you can ever have- organic grass fed meatballs with homemade pasta sauce.

One note: these noodles tend to clump together once they start to cool down, so be sure to eat them hot, if you are using them with a hot dish like spaghetti. They would also do great for a cold pasta salad though.

Tolerant has a large product line and they have delicious noodles in all sorts of shapes: red and green lentil penne, macaroni, small shells, rotini, fettuccine, and more. Their green lentil penne is equally delicious.

I buy mine from Whole Foods, or from Costco! They sell them in a multi pack at Costco which is very affordable.

I think we’ll be having some of these for dinner tonight!

Your turn: what is your favorite kind of organic pasta? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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