Three easy tips for eating organic (it’s not as hard as you might think!)


I sat down to write this article, and at first I couldn’t figure out where to begin.

How do you answer the question of HOW to eat organic in one blog post?

How do you answer the question, “How do I eat healthy?” in one article?

Well, the answer may surprise you, because it’s really quite simple.

The simple answer is this: “Eat the foods that God gave you, in the form He gave for them to be eaten.”

Jordan Rubin teaches this in the book that changed my life forever, called The Maker’s Diet, and if you want to know how to be healthy, that really is all you need to know.

We make it so much more complicated than it has to be!

But just think about Grandma’s old farm and garden. Think of the cows on the pasture, the strawberries and carrots in the garden, the broccoli, the zucchini, the peas. When someone in the family was hungry, they drank the milk that the cow produced. They munched on vegetables and fruits that came from the backyard. They made bread from grains grown from the neighbor’s farm. Chickens happily pecked around, producing delicious eggs with bright orange yolks.

Life was so much simpler. Bodies were so much healthier. And we need a return to that.

I know it seems difficult, unachievable, complex. But it’s really not. 

We have overcomplicated food by trying to re-create the food that God gave to us.

But He made it unbelievably simple. Just eat what He gave us.

Don’t eat it if He didn’t give it. If man adulterated it in some way, don’t touch it. Go back to the real thing. Go back to the source of all things good, including food. And that source is God 🙂

So to answer the question, how do I eat organic and healthy, we have to remember that eating organic is only an end to a means- not a value in and of itself.

Rather, the value is a return to God’s ways of healthy living and eating, a return to the foods and lifestyles that have been nourishing the human body for thousands of years, and giving long life to all who adhere to them.

But how do you actually do this? Where do you actually start? These three tips will help you, and they won’t be as hard as you might think!

Tip #1 for eating healthy, organic food: 

Focus on your why.

If you don’t know why you’re even eating organic in the first place, chances are you won’t stay on the wagon very long. Be convicted. Be convinced. Do your homework. Watch a study like Robyn O’Brien’s, The Organic Effect: What Happens When You Switch To Organic Food to find out what really is going on in your body, (and your children’s) when you eat conventional foods.

What are your goals? What do you want to be different about your health this time one month from now? Why are you even reading this blog post right now?

Something in you is telling you there has to be a better way, that something about your health or life needs to change. What is it?

Write it down and stay committed to changing it. It’s the only way to weather the inevitable difficulties that living a healthier lifestyle will bring your way. As they say, no pain, no gain, but your health is worth it.

Tip #2 for eating healthy, organic food:

Learn to read labels. Learn to be an ingredient detective. Knowledge is power, and without it, you’re going to be falling for good marketing and not for good ingredients. Don’t do that.

Know what ingredients you are looking for, and look for the simplest of labels. The more ingredients, the more complicated they sound, the higher the likelihood that the food has been processed or adulterated in some way. 

You can avoid a lot of confusion simply by eating lots of fresh foods. Organic fruits and vegetables have only one ingredient 🙂 Ditto with organic eggs. Remember: think about going to the garden to eat. Think about how simple it is. That’s what it should be like in the grocery store too.


Tip #3 for eating healthy, organic food:

Follow what’s been working for the world’s healthiest people groups for thousands of years, and do the same thing.

You know, the ones who live to be over 100 and don’t die of cancer, heart disease, strokes, or get Alzheimer’s or diabetes.

In case you didn’t know, those people DO still exist, and guess what…they don’t follow the Standard American Diet (acronym SAD) and they don’t follow our lifestyles either.

So don’t try to re invent the wheel. Don’t look for a newfangled diet or program or plan. Follow what God says in His Word. (don’t sigh, have you ever read it for dietary advice before?) 🙂

God told us what to eat in the Bible for extraordinary, amazing health. And it really is that easy. I promise 🙂

It can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. But reminding yourself of how easy it really is, will help you on the days it FEELS complicated.

These are three tips that will change your life. Wrap your heart and mind around them for life and they will give you the extraordinary health you were born to have!

Would you like a bit more help on this topic? If so PLEASE leave questions and concerns and comments. I’m here to help!

For your extraordinary health!

Catherine Slezinger

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