Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep: The Best Organic Makeup: Review of Jenulence Brand

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Hi there and Happy Thursday! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.  We’re on tornado watch this weekend here in the Midwest, so we’re praying for safety for our area and all those around us too!  May is sure ending with a bang!  Speaking of the end of the month, don’t miss your chance to get some amazing Beyond Organic chocolate FREE until the 31st.  (There’s an awesome buy 3, get 7 instead special going on!)

In today’s article I’m super excited to share with you some amazing organic makeup!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved makeup, since I was about 11 years old!  I think it’s fun, feminine, and girly, and I love having a big variety and lots of colors to use.  Prior to starting the Maker’s Diet, I loved going to department store makeup counters for fun.  I had a huge case of gorgeous Mac makeup! 

I’ll never forget the first day I read what was REALLY in all my favorite makeup.  Toxic preservatives like parabens, (linked to breast cancer) hormone system disrupting phthalates (in anything with a fragrance) and the cocktail of chemicals used to make all my favorite “colors.”  I was heartbroken.  I had no idea where to start in replacing everything.  But I couldn’t bear to use my old makeup after knowing the truth, so I threw it all out and gradually rebuilt a collection.  It took a while, (and I dearly missed my pretty colors) but it was worth it.  When I first started this journey almost 8 years ago, there were FAR less choices when it came to organic makeup than there are now.  Consumer demand is growing for these awesome products and people are finding out the truth about the beauty industry!

For even more on the topic of the scary chemicals in makeup, see this awesome resource by Think Before You Pink:

And without further ado, I am now going to do an official review for you on one of my favorite organic makeup companies- Jenulence!  I love their motto: “If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin!

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Let’s start with some pretty, girly eyeshadows.  (See above) These mineral eyeshadows are as beautiful as they are functional.  They last all day, apply wonderfully, and are subdued but still show up well.  They are handcrafted using natural minerals, are free of synthetic preservatives and additives, talc, and are also free of nano particles and micronized minerals. (Something to look out for in mineral makeup!)  I love using light, shimmery colors on the lid area and the darker, matte colors (such as the brown matte pictured above) in the crease area. 

I use eyeshadows from their “Shimmer” collection for the lid area, and their “Matte” area for definition in the crease.  All the colors work beautifully and stay on all day!  My favorite colors so far are the Deep Brown Matte (very versatile, and also great as a brow liner) and the Golden Butter and Silver Pink Shimmers.  They also have a great Eye Highlight Shimmer that is subtle but works wonderfully under your eyebrows for highlighting!

Jenulence Blush & Bronzer

Moving on to the face- pictured above is their Orchid Satin blush and their bronzer.  Both apply beautifully and stay on all day- just like the eyeshadows.  I particularly love the blush, it gives a really natural glow without the “painted” look.  Be sure to smile big when you apply, find the apples of your cheeks and lightly dust them with this beautiful makeup- a little goes a long way!  The bronzer is wonderful for adding depth and dimension to your look, and is great for summer too!

Jenulence Foundation

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly- foundation.  They have a wonderful foundation/concealer blend that WORKS!  I use a concealer brush to apply to any problem areas first (like under the eye area) and then use a full, fat “Kabuki” style brush to apply to the rest of the face.  This foundation goes on evenly and provides excellent coverage- and you can really use as much or as little as you want.  A little goes a long way, just like with the blush.  When it’s time to wash your face at night, it removes easily, and is also very gentle on the skin throughout the day.  (I use Beyond Organic’s skin care line for face wash) We all hate when foundation irritates our skin, or makes it break out, and this foundation is extremely nice for sensitive skin.  This foundation is hard working, does double duty as concealer and foundation, totally pure, and yet very sensitive!  

Jenulence makeup is only available online, but every time I’ve ordered, they’ve been very helpful regarding which colors to purchase.  They also have great pricing for their makeup, something that is really nice after paying $26 an eyeshadow for department store brands which shall remain nameless 😉

To order your own toxin free mineral makeup, see their website:

I hope this review helps you start your own journey to using products that truly enhance YOUR beauty without adding toxic chemicals to the mix!

Have a fabulous, beautiful weekend!

With much love,

Catherine Slezinger

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      Hi Jolene! I wear powdered foundation myself, but I am pretty sure the Lavera brand has a great organic liquid foundation 🙂

  2. 3

    Hi there,
    I do a lot of my own research and the makeup that you recommend to use, jenulence is still not all that natural. I dont know if you heard of Rejuva Minerals. Now this makeup is great! All the way natural and organic. No titanium dioxide, (this was my biggest not to have in my makeup), zinc oxide, mica, ect. Check them out at for more info:)

    • 4

      Hi Katie! Yes, you’re right, Rejuva was one of the only ones I could find without titanium dioxide as well, but that ingredient is not carcinogenic or toxic, it just can cause skin sensitivity for some people. Rejuva is a great brand though!

  3. 5

    just wanted to say thank you for your informative and helpful post, I have slowly been transitioning our family to organic and now its time for my makeup. I’ve been a Jane Iredale fan for many years, but think I will give Jenulence a try!

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  5. 8

    I am concerned about the zinc oxide in jenulence body powder! Is it nano particle free? I am happy with all my other jenulence products!

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