The Best Ever Organic Peanut Butter

aflatoxin free peanut butter picture - Maranatha brand peanut butter

I’ll admit it. I’m a peanut butter addict. Yes, I love organic raw almond butter too. (DIVINE) But, I also love peanut butter with a passion.

My favorite brand of all time is Maranatha’s and their organic no stir creamy peanut butter puts Jiffy’s to shame. For real.

Here’s some ways I use it:

  1. Straight off the spoon
  2. On sprouted bread (like Ezekiel bread or Alvarado Street organic sprouted bread) with organic raw honey or organic jelly.
  3. In smoothies or shakes! (Love adding 1 tbsp to my Isagenix shakes in the morning for a super filling and nutritious meal)
  4. To make ants on a log, one of my kid’s favorite snack foods!
  5. We also love dipping organic apple slices into peanut butter- yum!

You can get Maranatha peanut butter at most health food stores. Just look around in your area.

Your turn! Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite way to eat peanut butter!

With lots of love,
Catherine Slezinger

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