What’s Your Target? Making Your Health Goals for 2012 And Achieving the Health of Your Dreams

Do you know how healthy you are?  Before I found the Maker’s Diet, I didn’t give much thought to my health.  I thought it was something that happened by chance, something that "destiny" controlled.  The elderly suffered from Alzheimer’s & strokes, and since I was young, I didn’t have to worry about that "health" stuff, right?

Boy was I clueless.

Many of you know my story- I was newly married, had a college degree in my hand that was 3 weeks old when I walked down the aisle, and had a bright future stretching out ahead of me. I was full of health and nothing could stop me. Right?


Six months into our marriage I got sick.  Really sick. Life alteringly, world shatteringly sick.  I couldn’t function in normal life. I stayed in bed, depressed and in pain.  I had a digestive sickness that doctors couldn’t solve for me. They were baffled by me- some genuinely wanted to help, some didn’t, but none could solve my problems. 

When my mother in law gave me a copy of Jordan Rubin’s The Maker’s Diet, I knew that my life was about to change.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I wanted my life back.  I wanted to hope again.  I wanted back what I thought was out of my control- my health.

The Maker’s Diet did give me my health back- within 40 days I was out of bed and functioning again, within 2 years, and at the time of my first baby, my stomach was no longer a chronic issue in my life.  And because I have stayed the course these last 6.5 years, not only is constant pain not an issue in my life, but I have health so beyond and above what I could have ever dreamed of.

Sure, before I got sick, I would have told you, "I’m healthy!" At that time, "health" to me meant the absence of disease- like colds, flus, or what I didn’t know was coming- chronic illnesses.  I looked at those with diseases and was somewhat baffled.  It kind of seemed like…it just happened to some people, some people got lucky, and some didn’t.

Does the game of health seem like a Russian roulette to you? It used to look that way to me, too.

I said I was healthy, but I just brushed aside the following experiences as part of "normal life":

  • Regular migraine headaches, at least 3-4 a month
  • Colds and flus multiple times a year
  • Horrible cramping & pain associated with "that time" of the month
  • Acne
  • Forgive me if this is too much information for you, but bowel movements 1-2 x per week
  • Extreme exhaustion and fatigue

Those are the things I lived with when I was "healthy"! Before I was "sick"!

Did you know that I do not live with ANY of those symptoms any longer, in addition to being completely healthy in my stomach?  The only time my stomach even starts to bother me is under times of substantial sleep deprivation & duress, such as when there’s a newborn in the house. 😉

I tell you this because I want you to know that many of the maladies you live with in every day life are preventable.  I want you to know that disease, cancer, and heart attacks are also preventable.  

Many people blame God for what is actually the result of their own choices.  I know that sounds harsh, but it’s something we need to consider, if we are going to live in optimal health.  The reality is that God has clearly laid out for us that which will bring life, and that which will bring death- and there is no mystery in it.

If there was mystery, we could hold Him 100% responsible, but there’s not- so we can’t. Yes, we can pray when we get sick, or when disease attacks our family- and we should.  The Bible is clear about what to do about that.

But we should also be proactively doing everything in our power to steward the bodies that God has given to us, and realize that we are worth it enough, deserving enough, to be taken care of.

So my question is: how are you going to take care of yourself this year?  What are your health goals?  I dare you: go write down at least three things you want to accomplish.  Where do you want to be this time next year?  Still battling exhaustion, overweight, and a weak immune system, or in great shape, with high energy, and an immune system like a rock?

The choice is in your hands, my friends. 

Go, right now, and write your goals down! I believe in you, and I know you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.  I want to help you achieve your goals, and live in optimal health every day of your life.  I’ve done it, so I know you can too!

Once you’ve written your goals down, come share your main goal on our Facebook wall, where we’re hosting a giveaway tonight for some awesome Beyond Organic chocolate!


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  1. 1

    I am so excited…..well, I was only mildly excited before finding your blog:-) My husband and I had already planned Jan 2012 to get healthy! So, I have read the Makers diet, love the principles but as with any “diet” there is the thought of what we leave behind…..(hopefully it will be my behind that is left behind):-) I came across you and have a better outlook on our new “lifestyle” change!

  2. 2

    Just emailed this site to my daughter who has the same situation as you. It would be cool to go organic together. Let’s see if she bites.

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