Summer fun can bring summer struggles! What are yours?

(Here are our 2 yr old and 1 yr old, Grace and Micah in their new Radio Flyer wagon, which they are extremely happy about! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably heard about my mishap with leaving our stroller at a farmstead we visited.  The kids have had so much fun with the wagon I am now glad I lost the stroller!)

Hey there! Happy Monday!  Did you have a nice weekend? Ours was hot, hot, and hotter than HOT!  Temperatures peaked on Saturday at 110! Finally a thunderstorm came in this morning and gave us some much needed rain- the first in over a month!  Let’s just say we’ve been living at the spray park...

With summer in full swing, there can be unique challenges to eating healthy.  Kids are home, days are longer, we’re usually out having fun more often or bbq’ing with friends.  So I have a question for you today- does your summer fun make you fall off the healthy eating bandwagon?

If it does, can I get your thoughts?  Which of the following is true for you?

a) I eat things I shouldn’t in summer because we’re out frequently with friends bbq’ing.

b) I’m falling off track with eating healthy because we’re out late doing activities with the kids and dinner isn’t getting made.

c) I was getting some great momentum in meal planning, but with the kids out of school it’s fallen by the wayside.

d) All of the above 🙂

I want to know!  Leave me a comment and tell me your answer.  Also, be watching out on our Facebook page in the next couple of days, because I’ll be giving away a free copy of my Brands Recommendation Guide once we reach 600 friends!

Have a great day!

With much love,

Catherine Slezinger


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  1. 1

    c) I feel overwhelmed by the number of choices, and don’t know what’s truly healthy and what’s not.

    I am only about 1 month into switching to Organic . I suffer with fibromyalgia and I want to change my diet to see if it helps ease my disease. I love your site and you have really been a big help in the transition.Thank you!!! I would love to win

  2. 2

    i just came across your blog and i feel like we are long lost sisters! 😉 we just moved and trying to get everything unpacked is hard, but trying to change our eating habits, cleaning… AHHH!!! so many many many choices. trying to take one step at a time…

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