Because sometimes kids…and life…stink :)

Ok so this is kind of hilarious but….it worked for me the other night….I read online that if you put a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender or peppermint in the toilet before, um…ya know, doing your business, it would trap the smell before it could even become an issue.
SO, I tried it with my boys, who…both went poop back to back in the same toilet. (there are no words) We literally could not smell a THING! OMG! The kids were besides themselves with ecstatic glee.
My 8 year old danced around saying how much he loved essential oils.
Ya gotta have some wins once in a while in this Mom life. We used eucalyptus globulus oil from Young Living. Try it. It really works!
#boys 🙂
For your extraordinary health! lol
Catherine Slezinger

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