Snacks You Can Feel Good About: Review of Beyond Organic EALive Snack Foods


Snacks You Can Feel Good About: Review of Beyond Organic EALive Snack Foods

By: Catherine Slezinger

Hello there and a very happy Thursday to you!! Are you experiencing the same crazy weather we are? We went from 72 on Tuesday to a huge snowstorm on Thursday! 72 to 25 degrees in 48 hrs!  I’m listening to the wind howl as I write, and feeling a bit chilly! I think I need to go turn on the fireplace and make some organic red rooibos chai tea, my favorite 🙂

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you a review of some amazing snacks that have actually changed my life in the last few weeks! Seriously!  I’m excited to share these with you because I’m not a really “snacky” person so I was skeptical about these foods, but they have surpassed my expectations in every way!

The majority of Americans snack on foods that are beyond detrimental to their health- I know, because I’ve been there before. Before I started the Maker’s Diet 7.5 years ago, my favorite snacks were Dorito Cool Ranch chips and Gusher’s! Oh, and don’t forget Cheez Its, and those cookies in the yellow bag…Famous Amos? Is that what they’re called?  Anyway, so I know all about UNhealthy snacking, and I know how hard it can be to find organic, healthy, totally unprocessed snacks.  The majority of “snack foods” at health food stores contain questionable ingredients at best, and at the worst- are marketed as being very healthy, but are just “organic” versions of processed foods!

To be honest, that’s why I was a little skeptical about these Beyond Organic snacks.  I’m so used to making ALL our food from scratch at home (even snacks) that I didn’t really see why these snacks would be that much better than my homemade treats.  And as someone who isn’t a huge “snacker”- I didn’t really see the need.  I’m such a protein type and prefer to eat 2-3 large meals and that’s it.

However, my husband, who has a metabolism like lightning and LOVES for snacks to be in the house, was ecstatic when I brought them home! He loves my homemade snacks, but he also doesn’t love when I run out of time or energy to keep making all the snacks in addition to all the meals! 🙂

Anyway, as soon as I brought them home, I took one look at the ingredients and realized there was absolutely no way I could duplicate them in my own kitchen!  They are made from a blend of 7 organic, raw, sprouted seeds, are totally gluten free, are sweetened lightly with organic coconut nectar, and have a variety of spices and flavorings that I couldn’t ever do myself! 

Besides the fact that I couldn’t duplicate the quality (or quantity) of the nutrient dense ingredients, I found it terribly convenient these last few weeks for the kids and my husband to have some amazing snacks to grab when they were hungry, that I felt awesome about them eating, and that hadn’t required me to spend a moment in the kitchen to make!

The kids especially loved the organic, raw “cookies” which are small, round wafer type and hard, but absolutely delicious. They have a chocolate and a gingerbread version, and they are SO good!! I’ll make my coconut flour snickerdoodles for when I want a fluffy, moist cookie, but the chocolate and gingerbread cookies were equally amazing in their own right!

They were so good, in fact, that my 3 yr old had an absolute breakdown when he went to the pantry and discovered that we had run out of the chocolate cookies! Lol!!

Meanwhile, I found myself getting addicted to the organic, gluten free raw granola- which is made without oats!  You’d never know it, though, it tastes so good! I loved putting the cinnamon raisin oats, and the chocolate too- on top of organic whole milk yogurt for a delicious, quick and easy snack.  And, surprisingly, my favorite flavor was their “sweet greens” which tasted like a sweet cereal.  A sweet cereal that has spirulina in it, imagine that!!

I loved them personally because I always felt immediate energy after eating them- a real bonus for a busy Mom, or anyone on the go and needing a quick burst of energy.  They also felt very, very nutrient dense (because they are) so a small handful goes a long way.  You don’t even want to eat the whole bag or anything, because everything is sooo filling and you just feel great putting it in your body!

Here is the ingredient information for the “Sweet Greens” Organic Raw Granola:


The ingredients are: (All organic and raw) EA live Seven Seed Blend (Sunflower, Hemp, Pumpkin, Chia, Sesame, Flax, Black Sesame) Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Coconut, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Spirulina, Pink Crystal Salt, Allspice, Cinnamon, Whole Leaf Green Stevia, Lacto-Fermented Ginger in a base of symbiotic cultures!

They also have some delicious crackers (in flavors like Veggie Ranch) and some delicious Ginger Spice sunflower seeds, which are absolutely delicious on salads. And oh…an absolute treat from Heaven- cinnamon pecans! They are like melt in your mouth, buttery delicious! (My husband discovered these before I had a chance to open them and he and our 3 yr old ate most of them!) Anyway, there is such a great variety of cookies, crackers, nuts, seeds, and “granola” and there’s definitely something to please every member of the family!  (My husband liked the BBQ Almonds, my kids are still getting used to that flavor) 😉

Anyway, these snacks are truly the healthiest on the planet, and they’re a must for anyone needing energy on the go, or the convenience of pre-made snacks that provide incredible nutrition!!

Processed junk will seem like tasteless cardboard to you compared to these nutrient dense, delicious foods!!

You can try these foods for yourself by clicking here!

Or here:

Happy snacking everyone!

With much love,

Catherine Slezinger

Micah and me and grace

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