Sleep Tight: Organic Herbs For A Good Night’s Rest

61cYmIUvFoL._SL1500_-1In a little while I’m off to Whole Foods with my little people to pick up some of this organic Valerian Root for my husband and I thought I’d tell you about it, too. It works so well for encouraging deep and restful sleep at night. It’s also great for those super stressful moments in life when you need something to simply calm you down.

I love this liquid herbal extract version by Gaia herbs and while I can’t say that it tastes great 😉 it WORKS. (It does also come in capsule form as well)

My husband takes it almost nightly before bed as he is typically a very light sleeper and he says it helps him sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. The best part about it is that while it is calming to the central nervous system, it doesn’t cause you to wake up with that sedated, “hung over” feeling. It is also calming to muscles as well. It can be used topically for muscle pain.

I get mine at Whole Foods, but you can also order it from Amazon or check your local health food store. Valerian, unlike other sleep aids like prescription sleep medications or even melatonin, is non addictive. And yes, they do make kids versions! Gaia has a kids one available in their line.

You can read more about the Gaia Valerian by clicking here.

Hope you sleep well tonight friends!

With many blessings and for your extraordinary health!

Catherine Slezinger



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