Review of Seventh Generation Natural Dishwashing Detergent

Ah, the dishes…..

Are they your never ending, constant friend (and foe) like they are mine?

Do they multiply like rabbits, come from every corner of the house looking for you…and never leave your side like the most loyal of companions?

I know. They are the unconquerable dishes.

But there’s good news. Even in the natural and organic world there are products that can clean just as well as any chemical- laden, toxic alternative. Leaving dishes sparkly, clean, and without chemical residues.

I’ve used so so many over the years, but my most recent favorite is Seventh Generation’s Power Packs, which cut through all the dirt and grime and peanut butter and eggs I can throw at them. (with ease)

I have a Bosch dishwasher, and it runs 2x per day in my house. Sometimes three. I use one of the Seventh Generation packets with each load, and sometimes two of the packets if the load is particularly full or grimy. The dishes truly come out beautifully each time.

Plus, I get huge bags of them on Amazon, so even with running the dishwasher multiple times a day, the bags still last me a couple of months.

Now if only the soap could bring the dishes to the sink…and get them in the dishwasher for me…and pack the kid’s lunches for the morning….well…..then it would be….

Heaven 🙂

Try them and let me know what you think!

With lots of love, (and for your extraordinary health and sparkling dishes!)

Catherine Slezinger

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