Review of Jackson’s Honest Organic Coconut Oil Tortilla Chips

I have been waiting for these chips for the last ten years.

Yes, that is HOW excited I was when I saw these chips at an end cap at my local Whole Foods on a Fourth of July sale.

Organic. Non GMO. Made with organic coconut oil, and the Real Salt brand sea salt.


Now, I’ve already tried their potato chips and we love them! (Especially the heirloom purple ones)

But I kept waiting….hoping…praying….if they are gonna make potato chips with coconut oil, SURELY they’ll make tortilla chips with the same!

You see, my husband and I have been tussling over tortilla chips for our last ten years on the Maker’s Diet. He LOVES chips with salsa. I do too!

But I hate the chips, even the organic ones, fried in all that canola and sunflower oil, and seasoned with all sorts of un pronounceable ingredients, even though they claim to be organic.

So the fact that finally, finally- finally! There are some chips that we can both feel good about, and that I can let my kids enjoy too, makes this Momma soooo happy 🙂

Get some of your own! Check out their link here to find them in your area, or to order online:

Happy snacking everyone!

YOUR turn! Have you tried this awesome brand of chips yet? If so, which kind is your favorite?

With much love, and for your extraordinary health,

Catherine Slezinger

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