Review of Door to Door Organics Delivery Service

Do you like having organic, healthy food delivered to your doorstep? I do too.

So when I saw a Door to Door Organics delivery truck in my neighborhood, I had to give it a try!

Besides being extremely happy, (how can a website be happy? theirs is, somehow) easy to use, and with great customer service, the food is amazing too! And, did I mention I didn’t have to leave my house?

My kids love helping to unpack the delicious organic fruits and veggies, and we also get some refrigerated staples like Organic Valley cream cheese & sour cream. I definitely find that we eat more organic fruits & vegetables as “snacks” using Door to Door Organics. For some reason, it turns receiving healthy food into an exciting “event” that my kids enjoy partaking in. For example, we got our delivery yesterday. So before dinner last night, my kids packed their lunches for today.

They made themselves organic cream cheese sandwiches (this was their invention, made with organic sprouted bread) topped with organic peach slices. Then, they asked if they could take some of the organic mini bell peppers we had received in our delivery, to school today along with some organic hummus. They also took organic grapes that we had also received in our order.

And best of all, this was all “their” idea, so they were actually happy about it! I don’t know about you, but any time I can send my kids to school with bell peppers, hummus, grapes and peaches I’m a happy camper!

Additionally, I have chicken broth going in my Instant Pot right now, which has plenty of organic carrots, onions, celery, and also organic zucchini and summer squash from Door to Door Organics.

And….did I mention……….my favorite part (clearly) I NEVER LEFT MY HOUSE. 🙂

I have three kids and lugging them to the store is a major difficulty, victory, challenge, irritation, name whatever adjective applies to your family 🙂

So, I love being brought delicious organic food that makes my family eat healthier and saves me time, money and stress! (Check out their sale section)

And for the longest time I thought Door to Door Organics wasn’t customizable. Images of wilting unwanted Swiss chard and exotic fruits played in my mind. However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

All I did was choose a base package (I think it’s for $25-35 a week) and I edit it however I want. I think you have to order at least $17 for a delivery, but that’s it!

And if you don’t want something on the day you’re scheduled for a delivery, just skip the delivery that week! It’s that easy. You’re fully in control of how you customize it. I go in and change the order they set for me almost every week.

See if they’re available in your area, and enjoy your organic deliveries! (Oh, they also have organic meats, pantry items, eggs, butter, and much more, so don’t think merely fruits and veggies!)


With all my love, and for your extraordinary health!

Catherine Slezinger

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