Meal Planning 101 eBook

Take The Guess Work Out Of The Organic Kitchen With Meal Plans Anyone Can Follow!

Let’s face it: creating healthy meals day after day can be challenging, even if you do love to cook. How do you stay ON the healthy bandwagon even when life gets crazy?

Maybe you’ve heard that meal planning is the answer, but you just don’t know how to get started.  Getting organized seems even MORE stressful or too overwhelming.

You know that you want to eat for amazing health, but you find yourself giving in to convenience foods too often or eating out too frequently.  You know you can do better, but you don’t know how to start…

Or, you already know the power of meal planning, but you’re needing a boost to get you back on track, and some fresh perspective to keep things from getting boring. 

Let me help you save time, money, (and possibly your sanity!) by showing you 5 easy steps to creating meal plans that WORK.  A regular meal planning system is your #1 tool to eating healthy, whole foods for the long haul.  And it doesn’t have to be complicated to get started!

 “Meal Planning 101: How To Create Meal Plans That Save Time, Money, & Reduce Stress

In this eBook you’ll discover:

  • Why a meal plan could save your sanity- and your health! Page 6.
  • The very first step you MUST take when creating a meal plan- and how this one simple, often overlooked step is crucial to creating- and sticking to- meal plans.  Page 12.
  • Sample meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks to help you get started!  Page 31.
  • How to make a shopping list that saves time & money at the grocery store. Page 19.
  • A free template to help you plan your weekly meals.  (And helps you think ahead!) Page 42.
  • Strategies for using leftovers and cooking techniques to simplify your time in the kitchen- giving you more free time! Page 25.

Here’s a sneak peek into the book

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