Your How-To Guide To Healthy Shopping


Dear Healthy Foods Shopper,

Do you desire optimal health for you and your family, but find yourself leaving the health food store feeling dazed, confusedandeven insecure?

Do you long to reach an optimal weight, feed your spouse & kids well, and live life in vibrant health as you were meant to, but you just don’t know which brands of natural food products to buy? 

Do you wish someone would just come and do your grocery shopping for you?  With a myriad of options before you at the health food store, do thoughts like these enter your brain?

“Which brand should I buy?  What’s the real difference between natural and organic?  Is there really any difference between “health food” and conventional?  Is this even worth it?”

Announcing a 25 page guide that will end all the mystery and answer your questions once and for all about which organic brands are the best.  Stop falling for clever marketing and buying foods that don’t deserve the title “natural”!

  I’ll show you the best brands to buy for all the major food categories in this e-Book:

 How to Live Organic: What Brands of Organic Food To Eat

This guide will show you exactly what brands to buy for optimal health, a strong immune system, weight loss, and high energy!

Here’s a sample of the solutions and recommendations you’ll find in this detailed 25 page guide:

  • The best brands of organic, grass fed beef to buy: Page 6
  • What types of “organic” cereal you should avoid like the plague Page 15
  • How to find organic, raw milk in your local area: Page 10
  • Where to find kid friendly, (and adult friendly!) grass fed beef hot dogs you can serve to your family with pride: Page 7
  • Which brands of fat burning, energy giving coconut oil are the best on the market Page 14
  • Where to find the highest quality snack bars and protein powders: Page 17
  • Beverages and more: Page 22
  • All the condiments you could ever want: mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings, herbs and spices: Page 21
  • A gluten-free flour that is high in fiber, low on the glycemic index, and naturally low carb! Page 16
  • Your guide to natural sweeteners: Page 24
  • Where to find the best organic cheese: Page 11
  • And much more!

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