Eat Fat Get Skinny eBook: The Organic Momma’s How To Guide

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How I lost 50 lbs after 3 pregnancies breaking all the food rules!
You can TOO!

Do you want to lose weight, but you’re weary from diets that leave you starving, or worse- cause you to gain even more?  Are you sick of eating like a rabbit hoping to lose 2 more measly pounds, and feeling even more unhealthy?

Or maybe you’re just tired of how you feel in your own skin.  As a busy Mom of 3 little ones, I can relate.  I think all women can.  Let me guess- you looked fantastic on your wedding day, but then baby #1 arrived.  Things were going to get better, but then baby #2 came, and before you knew it you didn’t recognize your own body in the mirror!

I’m here to help you get your (hot!) body back, and show you how to do it in the midst of your real life!

You won’t have to starve yourself, calorie count all day, or eat weird food. You’ll be HEALTHIER and stronger than ever before, and that’s what it’s really all about.  And…you’ll feel fantastic when you go to put on those favorite jeans from yesteryear and they actually fit!

This isn’t some fly by night crash dieting program.  It’s just common sense eating and living God’s way– tailor made for weight loss.

Let me show you how I lost 40 pounds of baby weight and 4 sizes eating all the foods “they” tell you not to- organic whole milk, raw cheese, coconut oil, coconut milk, butter, and more!

Eat Fat Get Skinny

 “Eat Fat, Get Skinny: How I Lost 40 Pounds & 4 Sizes Without Starving, Calorie Counting or Dieting (And You Can Too!)

 This is your game plan to getting the body you’ve always wantedYou’ll be happier, healthier, and most importantly- be able to maintain your ideal weight for a lifetime!

These principles are simple, they’re tailor-made for YOUR body, and I’m living proof that they work!  You have nothing to lose- except for unwanted inches and pounds, that is! 😉

Here’s a sneak peek into the book!

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In this eBook you’ll discover:

  • The foods that lead to weight loss for YOUR body type- and which to avoid! Page 11.
  • A list of amazing books & articles that tell the truth about healthy weight loss! These will help you get started quickly on your weight loss journey. Page 22.
  • A safe, healthy superfood that sets your metabolism on fire! (And makes your skin glow!) Page 14.
  • Recipe for a coconut milk smoothie that will keep you full for hours AND maximize your weight loss efforts! Page 25.
  • How to lose weight, and change your life at the same time. No crash dieting or unhealthy weight loss! Page 9.
  • Which fats lead to weight loss and which lead to weight gain- hint: they might not be what you’ve been taught 😉 Page 14.

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