Washing Your Face With Oil For Beautiful, Glowing Skin

BottleImageJason2Say what? Washing your face with oil?

Doesn’t that ensure your face will be oily to kingdom come? Breakouts galore?

The simple answer is nope. Nope, nope, nope. Because of one simple principle: like removes like.

In fact, after finally giving in and trying this method of washing my face, I couldn’t be happier! It’s by far my favorite. And over the years I have spent countless dollars on facial products from my skin. (Starting with the Proactiv that my sister and I ordered from TV in high school out of desperation!) to Clinique products, Origins, and, after starting the Maker’s Diet 11 years ago, many other organic brands as well.

But I have to admit, after taking FOREVER to just try oil cleansing, I’m sold for life. The first thing I love is how soft it makes your skin. The coconut oil makes it glowy and it gets more and more dewy looking the longer you use it. Now, to clarify, I love using fractionated coconut oil the best. Coconut oil has worked well for me too but fractionated coconut oil is very easy to squirt in your palm and use. It does not solidify at cold temperatures and liquefy at warm temperatures like normal coconut oil does. It’s not for eating, but it’s excellent for body care products.

Disclaimer: I am not a person who can use coconut oil or even essential oils on my skin daily or even overnight without breaking out. My skin can’t handle the oils overnight as a moisturizer. However, oil cleansing with coconut oil has worked fantastic for me with no breakouts. Everyone is different, and there are many combinations and options of oils you can use if coconut is not the right fit for you.

The process is easy peasy. The only prep work you need to do is to have your oil and a clean washcloth handy. Then, you just get a squirt or dollop of oil about the size of a quarter in your hands, and rub together. Then gingerly rub the oil all over your face in a circular motion. Then, take your wash cloth, fill it with hot/warm water, and lay it gently on top of your face. Leave it for a few seconds and finish by gently rubbing your skin with the washcloth to remove any remaining makeup. I also do the washcloth in a circular pattern as well.

Note: using oil is a very easy way to get mascara off. I just close my eyes, rub it all over my eyelashes and the mascara comes right off and goes under my eyes. I then gently wipe this off with oil and the washcloth.

Here is a great website that gives far more information concerning the oil cleansing method, including other recommended oils to use for the oil cleansing method according to skin type. I’ve just given you my easy version here 🙂

Your turn: have you used the oil cleansing method before? What were your results?

Have a fantastic day!

For your extraordinary health,

Catherine Slezinger

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