Do you need some whipped cream today? I did…

Best thing ever happened to me. Had a LONG difficult day which included about 5 hours of running errands with children, cleaning, household administrative tasks and much more. Got to my raw milk pickup in late afternoon and was so weary, drained and just ready to fall over. Then my amazing farmer, Brad, just made my entire week!!!
He pulled out a jar of this incredible cultured cream his incredible wife Jane made, (she cultures organic raw cream with yogurt cultures and it is the best thing you have ever tasted) and then topped it with WHIPPED cream (see picture) and handed me a spoon. Omg!!!
God knows when we have had as much as we can handle. He always sends angels our way when we need it most!!! So thankful for such dear and beloved friends and the privilege of knowing such wonderful people.
Know your food, know your farmer! They may become some of your favorite people in all the world!
Hope you have a great weekend 🙂
With lots of love!

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