Meal Planning for Success: How to Save Money and Eat Better with A Plan: Part 2

“I spent the first twenty years of my life wondering who I would marry. I spent the next twenty years wondering what I should fix for dinner.” Deniece Schofield

Ah, dinner time. It requires more work than any other meal, and it must be eaten, 365 days a year, night in and night out. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be terrible with a plan! Here are some tips that have worked really well for our family. Let these ideas get your creative juices flowing, and then next week I’ll show you exactly how I make our family’s meal plan each week.

– Get a meal rotation going. Pick 10-14 of your family’s favorite meals, and store them in a handy place, like a recipe file. To make life easier, pick meals with similar ingredients. For example, a roast chicken with veggies can turn into chicken soup the next night, with the leftover veggies thrown in. Meals like tacos and chili contain similar ingredients and spices. Rotate these meals each night, for however long your cycle is. (E.g. 14 recipes would mean that after two weeks, you’d start the rotation again)

– Plan to cook in bulk. This has been a huge lifesaver for me. If you’re making spaghetti, make a double batch. Freeze one for a meal next week or in two weeks. You’re already in the kitchen making a mess, cooking in bulk means you only have to clean it up once, not twice!

– Pick a day each week when you will do ALL your weekly shopping. This will save unnecessary trips to the store, and save you money.

-Schedule in a time each week to make your meal plan. If this is scheduled in, it’s much more likely to happen!

These are just a few things to get you started! I’ll be sharing more details next time. For now, go get a pen and paper and start making your list of your family’s go to recipes!

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