Meal Planning for Success: How to Save Money and Eat Better with A Plan: Part 1

Does the word “plan” make you go weak in the knees? Make you feel boxed in? Or even overwhelmed? I know, I’ve been there too. It seems so much easier to fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak. But is it really easier?

To get right down to it, the answer is no. It’s not easier to try and get by without a plan. In fact, it makes life so much harder!

Here’s why:

Without a plan, you will inevitably find yourself in the following situation 5-7 days per week:

– It’s 5 p.m. and you have cranky children and a spouse coming home any minute, and you have no idea what dinner is going to be. You frantically raid the cupboards and freezer while snapping at aforementioned cranky children, and dash like a madman to get something edible on the table. The rest of the evening is rushed and everyone’s harried, you at the top of the list.

– It’s 5 p.m. and you have cranky children and a hungry spouse walking in the door at any moment, and there are no meal plans. So, upon spouse’s arrival inside the door, you immediately suggest that you all head out to the closest fast food or family restaurant to eat. You rush home to get the kids in bed feeling guilty that no one ate a healthy meal.


– It’s 3 p.m. and you decide to get a “head start” on dinner. You decide to make your family’s favorite dish, but then realize you are out of two of the main ingredients. You grab the kids and make a mad dash to the grocery store, and return home exhausted, only to have to unload the kids and start dinner, at 5:30 p.m. This means you won’t be sitting down to dinner until 6:30 or 7 at the earliest, which ensures you will have a messy kitchen waiting for you when the kids finally go to bed.

Now, does meal planning really sound all that daunting? 😉

The good news is that all of the aforementioned scenarios are completely AVOIDABLE. They are not part of the job description of a wife, mother, or whoever is cooking the family meals. They are only the result of improper planning.

So much stress can be eliminated from our lives with proper meal planning. With a task that has to be done 3-5 times per day, 365 days per year, someone has to put some thought into it! You can make your life much easier, simpler, and healthier if you just spend 20-30 minutes per week planning your meals.

Wondering how to get started? Come back tomorrow, and I’ll share what your first steps should be to get going with meal planning for your family. I’ll share what’s worked great for our family- and what hasn’t. See you then!

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