The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil, And Easy Ways To Use It

Back in the 1930s, a dentist named Dr. Weston Price traveled throughout the South Pacific, studying traditional diets and their effect on health, and dental health as well.

He found that despite the high fat intake of those eating diets high in coconut products, these traditional peoples were healthy and trim.

In 1981, researchers studied populations of two Polynesian atolls.

Both groups consumed coconut as their chief source of caloric energy.

Researchers found no evidence whatsoever that the high saturated fat intake had a harmful effect in these populations.

In contrast, the exact opposite was found! These traditional peoples were free from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses that typical Westerners suffer from today.

Here’s several infographics from Dr. Mercola and Dr. Josh Axe explaining why you should include coconut oil in your modern diet today, and how to use it!





For your extraordinary health!
Catherine Slezinger


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