Maker’s Diet in Action: Sample Meal Plans- Breakfast

Maker’s Diet in Action: Sample Meal Plans- Breakfast

By: Catherine Slezinger

Hi! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a fabulous week.  How is your weather?  Ours has been absolutely lovely- we had a crazy day of thunderstorms on Sunday, and it’s been in the 70’s since then. I can’t wait for my summer garden, and have been planting my tomato plants!

As a follow up to Monday’s post, today I am going to share what a normal week of breakfast would look like around our house- then on Monday we’ll do lunches, next week, snacks. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in my opinion!  It sets the tone for the entire day, for adults and even for little ones as well.  A hastily prepared, rushed breakfast usually means a rushed day.  It also usually means blood sugar levels dropping mid morning, which means decreased energy, and increased irritability levels!

Make a plan to make breakfast a crucial part of your day.  In our house, breakfast is also the time where we all take morning supplements- Sonne’s detoxifying clay, Primal Defense and coconut oil for the adults, and Vitamin Code bears for the kiddos.  This also helps us get on the right track for the day!

All that being said, here’s the nitty gritty of a typical breakfast menu for us throughout the week. 

Warning: we eat a lot of eggs! 🙂

Again, our grocery days are Saturdays, so my meal plans revolve around that.

Sample Breakfast Week:

Saturday: "Special breakfast"- Soaked oatmeal with plenty of Garden of Life coconut oil, raw honey, organic cinnamon & nutmeg, and organic vanilla, maybe some hard boiled eggs on the side, baby Grace also gets banana

Sunday: Our tradition is always to have homemade soaked pancakes. Everyone looks forward to it and loves them!

Monday: Leftover pancakes, bananas, and hard boiled eggs.

Tuesday: Over easy eggs gently cooked in organic butter with raw milk or kefir, and sprouted bread with butter.  Hubby always gets bread, kiddos don’t every day, but they will usually eat bananas with their eggs too.

Wednesday: Hard boiled eggs, yogurt or kefir, or an egg sandwich for hubby

Thursday: Could be either kefir smoothies, oatmeal, or "huevos rancheros"- over easy eggs in sprouted corn tortillas with raw cheese, organic salsa, and organic sour cream.

Friday: Over easy eggs gently cooked in organic butter with raw milk or kefir, and sprouted bread with butter, same as above for the bread and bananas. 🙂

That would be a pretty typical week for us, and we are all used to eating so many eggs!  When we first started the Maker’s Diet, I thought I hated eggs- I ate cereal every day.  But now I really enjoy my morning eggs and coconut oil! 🙂

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your family.  See you next week with a sample lunch menu!

With love,

Catherine Slezinger


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