Maker’s Diet in Action: How to Find Real (Raw) Milk In Your State

When we started the Maker’s Diet, I was so thankful to be able to buy our raw milk at Whole Foods. Prior to starting, I had never tasted whole milk in my life! I couldn’t believe how rich & creamy real milk was!

Since that time, Whole Foods has unfortunately changed their policy, and no longer sells raw milk on their store shelves.

So how do you find raw milk if you can’t get it at your local health food store? (Usually you can’t!)

Here’s what I did when we moved to a new state:

1) Head on over to

2) Go to their “Where” page:

Look up your state, and see what’s available in your local area! I would highly recommend contacting all the farms that are in a 30 mile radius or so from you, because many that might not be directly in your town will travel to do drop offs. So don’t write off a farm just because it’s not in your city.

If you cannot find a farm in your area, I would recommend contacting your local Weston A. Price chapter leader by clicking here:

Email them and ask if they know of any raw milk sources in your area. This is what I did when we first moved out of CA. I was having trouble finding a raw milk source that we liked, so I contacted my local Weston A. Price foundation leader. Her name was Donna Schwenk. It turns out that she knew a farmer who was just getting started selling his organic, raw milk in our area, even though he had been in business for almost a decade. She said his milk was amazing.

I was so excited, and knew instantly that this farm would be a match for us! The funniest thing was that Donna turned out to be a part of my local co op and church organization! It took us a couple weeks to figure it out, but we got a kick out of it once we realized our lives were already connected!

Since that time, we’ve recruited a whole bunch of people from our co op and church to buy milk from these same farmers. They are such a joy to know, and are such hard working people. Their milk is the highest quality I have ever seen, and I thank God every week that we have access to such amazing dairy!

And I sure do love Donna, who has an amazing website/blog and just released her cookbook! Check her out on facebook at:

So the moral of the story is: if you can’t find a good source of raw milk by hunting on the Real Milk site, don’t give up! Contact your local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader, who will be a wealth of information for your local area. And if yours is like mine, they might even turn out to become a wonderful friend!

Let me know how your searching goes, everyone! Enjoy your raw milk!

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  1. 1

    I’m so upset that I live in a state where I can’t seem to get organic, raw milk. I can get organic, regular store bought milk. So, I dod do that.

    • 2

      Hi Misty, it is illegal in most states!! I’d recommend you contact your local Weston A Price Foundation leader, as described in the article, they will often have great recommendations that you might not be able to find otherwise!!

  2. 3

    Hi there Catherine,

    Would you mind sharing the farm that you get your raw milk from? I think I’ve seen in your email that your address is based in Kansas City and I live here as well and would love to know a good local farm where I can get raw milk (and possibly eggs?) from if you can share.

  3. 4

    Is raw milk safe during pregnancy? I have found myself craving milk, drinking 2-4 glasses and still wanting more. I’m curious as to the fact that I’m possibly not getting what my body is really craving, calcium!

    • 5

      Hi Audrey! YES it is totally safe and great for pregnancy! The Weston A Price Foundation recommends 1 qt. per day. And calcium in early pregnancy (enough of it) prevents pre-eclampsia!

  4. 6

    Also, I live in GA and state law requires farms to label raw milk for pets only. Can it be consumed by humans anyways?

  5. 8
  6. 10

    Wow, thank you for all of this amazing information! My daughter has goats milk but we will probably be switching her to raw milk soon. It’s unbelievable to me that this is illegal in most states are farms are actually being prosecuted for selling. Very, very sad.

  7. 11

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