How To Make Adaptogenic Tea To Help Your Hormones, Stress Levels, and Prevent Disease

Sometimes life can feel like too much. Because life often IS too much! It can be more than we can bear. And when our bodies have had as much as they can take, then they break down.

From the common cold to cancer, or just plain frustration and irritation, our bodies are sending us signals telling us: I CAN’T DO THIS 🙂 HELP ME!!! 🙂

The good news is you can. Your cells need energy. They need the good IN and the bad OUT.

They also need support in times of stress. (Which…is like every day, right?)

One of the greatest ways you can support your body in times of stress is by consuming a special group of herbs called adaptogens.

Think of adaptogens like a thermostat: they help your body regulate itself. They sort of give you superpowers 🙂 

In this article I explain the scientific research behind adaptogens and why they help your body.

But today, I want to explain my newest favorite way to consume adaptogens, and cleanse your liver at the same time! This recipe is courtesy of my sister in law, who is using adaptogens daily to get amazing adrenal health. (We all need that!)

This recipe is easy to make and you will feel more energy after you drink it! I like to make a batch in the morning and drink it all throughout the day when I need a boost.

Adaptogenic Tea Recipe:


12 oz. warm spring water

1 tbsp adaptogen energy formula blend, such as this one made by Spirit of Health (it’s my fave!)

1 tbsp organic raw apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp organic lemon juice

1 tbsp organic raw honey (or preferred sweetener, or no sweetener)


In a Pyrex container, mix together the water, adaptogen powder, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and raw honey. Mix together well and drink throughout the day. FEEL BETTER! 🙂

With my love, and for your extraordinary health!

Catherine Slezinger

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