My Kids Don’t Eat Candy on Halloween….

They don’t. They’ve never been allowed to, and that’s ok. We went to a Harvest Festival at our church tonight, and they gave all the candy they were given to friends. And no, they’re not deprived. Deprived of sickness, maybe. But not deprived in any way. I ate all the candy I wanted growing up, and got nothing but a health crisis at the age of 19 to show for all my “non deprivation” 🙂

I teach my kids about why they don’t eat conventional candy, and we always do HEALTHY SUBSTITUTIONS. So it’s not just “no” for the sake of “no.” They learn about what’s in candy and why they should say no to it. We have plans to make an organic sprouted spelt flour chocolate cake for my husband’s birthday party this weekend, and we LOVE Justin’s organic peanut butter cups. My kids are spoiled rotten. And healthy.

This is just what I do, because I’ve seen where getting sick leads. I want my kids to have health so much better than I had as a young adult, so yes, I am extra fanatical. But my kids are happy and healthy and thriving!

Hope you had a wonderful October 31st!

With all my love,

Catherine Slezinger

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    I’m totally with you friend! It might seem fanatical to others, but to me it just seems like wisdom. I liken toxic sugar to cigarettes. I would never be comfortable letting me or my kids smoke, so why would I let them injest something to be scientifically even more addictive and harmful? Doesn’t make any sense, no matter how culturally acceptable it is. Anyway thank you for continually sharing truth in love. ❤

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