How To Use Onions For Children’s Ear Infections

by Catherine on March 10, 2013

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Hi there and a very Happy Monday to you! Now that the clocks have “sprung” forward, it does feel like spring is in the air!  It’s raining & snowing here, but it seems spring must be somewhere right around the corner! I saw some tulip bulbs popping their heads up through the dirt today, and just can’t wait until the rest of the green wakes up from winter slumber! (Can you tell I love spring?!)

For the next couple of weeks, we will be concluding our series on staying healthy during cold & flu season, as promised.  This will take us right into spring!! If there are any “spring” topics you’d like to hear more about, please leave me a comment below and let me know!

Today’s post talks about an incident we had with our 3 year old last week, and how we used organic onions to successfully treat his ear pain and help the whole family get some much needed sleep!


How To Use Onions For Children’s Ear Infections

By: Catherine Slezinger

It was one of “those” days at our house last week.  Our 5 yr old was stuffy, our 3 yr old was stuffy, and so was our 2 year old!  Now, I have to admit- I’m a little spoiled, because usually stuffy is the worst our kids get during cold & flu season.  They’ve had occasional bouts with fevers or stomach viruses, (the kids have) but I can literally count these times on one hand, and they usually resolve quickly. 

But during cold & flu season, our 5 year old will often bring some “friends” home from preschool and all kids seem to get it within a week.  (Because of this I have been researching extensively on how to prevent even this, and I’ll share some discoveries with you in the posts ahead!) Plus, kids are kids- their immune systems are still developing, they’re in close quarters in the winter, and perhaps most important- with everyone inside it’s very easy for them to be lacking in enough Vitamin D. Again, more on this later! icon smile How To Use Onions For Childrens Ear Infections

So back to our day last week, when I went to put our 3 yr old down for his nap and he began to complain of his ear hurting.  At first I froze, because none of our children have had an ear infection before.  I knew how to boost his immune system (which I was working on already for his stuffy nose!) but make pain go away instantaneously? I hadn’t fought this battle before. His ear was a little red on the outside, and he hadn’t complained about it until sleeping time.  He went to sleep for a while anyway, and then seemed fine the rest of the afternoon.  However, at bedtime that night he began complaining again.  Now his ear was really red on the outside, and there was no way he was going to sleep until he got some relief!

I began researching on natural remedies, and found several for ear infections- lavender oil behind the ear, (which loosens congestion) and then found multiple uses for onions and garlic.  Dr. Mercola in particular recommended heating half an onion in the oven or toaster oven for 15-20 minutes, wrapping in a thin cloth, and holding as a compress behind the ear to promote drainage of the mucus.  I didn’t have any lavender oil, but found another interesting remedy involving scooping out juice from a freshly cut onion and dropping it straight into the child’s ear. Dr. Mercola recommended trying something similar with garlic oil, so I felt comfortable giving it a try.

I cut an onion in half, used a spoon and scooped into the flesh of the onion. I got a few precious drops which I put right into the red ear. I held his head in my lap and tilted his head to the side, and dropped them right in.  Of course my little guy hated the process, but within several minutes he had stopped crying and was laying peacefully in bed.  Within about an hour he was sound asleep, slept the rest of the night, and never complained about ear pain after!  All redness was gone by the morning as well.

In addition, my little guy now has an affinity for raw onions after this experience, and has been eating them cut into thin slices!

I had to share this experience in case it helps any of you with your precious children. Of course, you need to be careful putting anything directly into the ear, but given that I knew his case was pretty minor, I felt comfortable doing it.  You can also see Dr. Mercola’s article about using garlic drops to do something similar. 

I absolutely hate seeing my children in any kind of pain, and it was such a blessing to be able to bring him some relief quickly!  If this happened again, I would also use the lavender oil behind his ear, in addition to the onion.  Oh, and one more thing- I left the onion cut up in a bowl in his room overnight as well. I am not quite sure if this has the effect it is reported to have, but I figured it couldn’t hurt!

On Thursday I will share some further remedies and discoveries I have made regarding health for our families during cold & flu season! Talk to you soon!!

With much love,

Catherine Slezinger

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Johanna August 8, 2014 at 2:31 am

For runny nose ?
I have lavender oil and breath oil fron Doterra ..
How can use garlic? Or something el ?


Becky Johnson May 21, 2013 at 5:18 pm

We’ve been doing this for 16 years, except that we strain out the juice of a pureed onion and put just the juice down in the ear. Works well. My sister’s father-in-law was a war era baby that was sent out to live in the country during the war, and the little old woman caring for all the children there routinely used onions for their ear aches.


Catherine June 26, 2013 at 10:00 pm

Wow what a great story Becky! Thanks for sharing!


Jessica Weagle May 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm

A few drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball that you put into the ear works well too


Simone April 9, 2013 at 6:20 pm

I grew up in Germany where luckily, holistic and alternative medicine is widely spread and accepted! My son had a homeopathic pediatrician who always recommended chopping up half an onion, wrapping it in a paper towel and heating it in the microwave for a few seconds. I would then actually place the paper towel ON my sons ear for quick relief from ear aches. ALWAYS helped him!


Mary Beth March 13, 2013 at 1:56 am

You can put melaluca oil directly in the ear (DoTERRA or Young Living) for younger kids who won’t tolerate laying still. Learning to use medical grade essential oils has been a huge help for our family of littles, no yucky tasting things!


Christine March 11, 2013 at 11:34 pm

Many years ago my oldest daughter had a dairy allergy which always added an ear infection to make it worse . I wish I knew what I know now and have used with our other children . I put some olive oil in a jar and squeeze a few garlic cloves into the oil . After it has brewed ! I drop a few drops into the child’s ear . You can warm it up and I always left the jar available for future use. You can rub the oil behind their ear and on the soul of the foot . It absorbs into their blood stream quickly . It always works and don’t you love the simpleness of it .


Michelle March 11, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Leaving the onion sitting out is something I only learned of a few months ago, and since have read both sides one to be true and one stating its false, but I’m with you, what can it hurt!


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