How to make your house smell like a spa with essential oils

how to make your house smell like a spa

I LOVE diffusing essential oils in my home. Here is how to make your house smell like a spa, like Christmas, or like sunshine, any time you want to.

My dear friend Jenny is a master of this. She has a blend she makes with orange, cinnamon, cloves, and cinnamon bark that smells like literal apple pie. She also makes a blend that literally smells like a refreshing, relaxing spa. When I’m at her house and she has this blend going, I just stand over the diffuser (pictured above) and breathe it in. You can’t help but say out loud, aaahhhhhhhhh…..

So I asked her for her recipe and she graciously shared it! Here it is:

Spa Blend For Home Diffuser:

3 drops Young Living cedarwood essential oil

3 drops Young Living orange essential oil

3 drops Young Living lavender essential oil

Cedarwood and lavender are both calming to the central nervous system, and orange has an uplifting and calming scent. Orange smells so clean and happy!

Your turn: write below and share your favorite essential oil blend for your home!

With love, and for your extraordinary health!

Catherine Slezinger

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