How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

by Catherine on May 23, 2013

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VITA CLAY BOWL 300x300 How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

Hello and happy Thursday to you!! Today I am SUPER excited to share with you a new kitchen gadget I’ve discovered that has truly revolutionized my life, and made things MUCH easier for me!  I hope it helps you in the same way!


How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

By: Catherine Slezinger

In the quest to make eating 100% organic and following the Maker’s Diet as easy as possible, (with 3 young children underfoot!) I’ve discovered a new device that simplifies my life tremendously, but still gives my family meals they love to eat.  It’s called a Vita Clay slow cooker, but I call it the “Answer to every person who has 15 million things to do but still wants to eat healthy meals” slow cooker.

Seriously, I love it that much. I love it so much that I bought a second one after using it only one time!  This amazing tool has streamlined my kitchen time in a remarkable way and I only wish I had owned one for the last 8 years.  Here is a picture of the machine:

Vita Clay Box 300x300 How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

Basically, how it works is it’s a slow cooker at heart.  Now, we all love slow cookers because of their “fix it and forget it” qualities, but my husband is not too fond of the resulting food every time. (Aka he hates anything that’s mushy.) Personally, I’ll eat just about anything mushy at dinnertime, if it gets the kids in bed at a decent hour!

But it’s not fun to serve meals that your family dislikes, so I backed off my use of the slow cooker.  I finally compromised by prepping most of the meals on the stove top, then transferring them to the slow cooker, but that was a pain and took too much time.  And then, one night I was washing out my slow cooker pot in the sink and it cracked down the side.  (It was several years old and well used!)

I was crestfallen, but also slightly relieved: I had to find a new solution that my husband AND myself would be happy about, and it had to make food taste good.  Also it had to be very hands off, because it’s Spring now and the kids want to be outside after nap time, not inside watching Mommy make dinner from 4-5:30 p.m.  And everyone going nuts through the whole process!  (Including Mommy.)

VITA CLAY MUSHROOMS 300x300 How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

I truly didn’t think such a device could exist, but I remembered hearing about a special type of slow cooker called The Vita Clay on a website, so I decided to look it up.  It is unique because the insert pot is made from organic clay- and contains no lead whatsoever.  I had done quite a bit of research on the possibility of lead in slow cookers, and while most of it appeared inconclusive, it was enough of a possibility that I didn’t want to continue to take the chance with my family’s food.

Especially because I knew I’d be using it so often.  After spending literally an entire day researching the Vita Clay, and reading reviews and blogs and their website and basically every material about it on the Internet that I could get my hands on, I decided to purchase their 8 cup Smart Organic Multicooker.

And of course fell in love immediately. The Vita Clay is unique because it has the same functionality of a slow cooker, but with more bells and whistles, like delayed programming, and special functions for different foods, like soups, stews (or roasts) and rice.  It’s also unique because the awesome clay actually enhances the tastes of foods, because it allows it to cook in its own juices more, rather than evaporating to the top like a slow cooker does.  It’s totally toxin free, (people have been cooking with clay for thousands of years too, which I find really cool!) and it cooks 2-4 x faster than a traditional slow cooker.  Now, this is one of its greatest features, because it means there’s no more MUSH!

Seriously, it makes food taste (even a whole chicken) like you spent a good portion of the day babysitting it on the stovetop, but you didn’t.  You just spent 15 minutes and threw it all in the Vita Clay. You know how when you use a slow cooker you have to sautee onions, garlic, herbs, peppers, etc before putting in a slow cooker, or else their flavor will take over the rest of the dish? Nope. Not with the Vita Clay.  Just throw it all in, baby!  It’s truly fix it and forget it!

I’ve been averaging about 15-20 minutes of dinner prep time with my new Vita Clay slow cooker. (Hello?!!!) And the quality of our meals has greatly increased as well, because almost all our dishes now have an accompanying “sauce” and loads of flavor.  Be sure to use lots of great organic fresh herbs and spices with this machine, because it was made for it!!

Oh, and my husband FULLY approves. icon wink How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

One other perk: it makes the best organic rice, quinoa (ohhhh yumm!!! I also add organic bell peppers, cilantro, red onion and plenty of butter) and you can also schedule it to cook your breakfast oatmeal or porridge overnight.  You wake up and it’s all ready for you!  Here are a couple pictures of dishes I have made in the Vita Clay:

(Here’s chicken with white wine sauce)

chicken with white whine 300x300 How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

And here’s a marvelous organic grass fed beef roast (it was the best I’ve ever made.  It tasted like Grandma had hovered over the stove checking it all Sunday afternoon)

ROAST VITA CLAY 300x300 How The Vita Clay Slow Cooker Saved My Life

Oh, and it can also steam foods exceptionally well, as long as you use a steamer insert.

Seriously, anyone who’s serious about eating healthy, but doesn’t have hours every day to cook their food should have one of these gadgets. I have no idea how I’ve lived without it so long!!

You can read more about it on their website:

Happy (slow) cooking everyone!

With much love,

Catherine Slezinger

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  • Shaj

    Hi, brought my vitaclay, getting ready to slow cook beans. I’m so excited & will use it often.

  • Jessica G.

    would you consider posting some of your recipes you use in your vitaclay? i just got one and i’m a little overwhelmed and haven’t tried it yet. i looked through the little recipe book it came with but nothing caught my eye. if i find another slow cooker recipe how do i tailor it to the vitaclay since you say it cooks faster?
    thanks so much i love love love all your posts.

  • janell

    Just ordered mine !! excited for some delish chicken soups

  • Joelle

    Waiting on the delivery as we speak. I can’t wait to get it going. Thanks for the great information.

    • Catherine

      Joelle be sure to let me know how you like it!!

  • Amy

    I will be ordering one too. Thank you for all the research you did !! I highly respect your opinion :)

    • Catherine

      You are very welcome Amy and thank you for your kind words! Let me know when you get yours and how you like it!!

  • katy

    I have a question, do you know where it’s made?

    • Catherine

      Hi Katy! I’m not quite sure but I have called Vita Clay and asked them many questions and they’ve been quite helpful- you should give them a call!

  • Annie Ferguson

    I am ordering the vita-clay based on your recommendation.
    All sizes are being advertised at “sale” prices.
    Thank you!

  • Annette

    I’ve been coveting this slow cooker for a while now but didn’t jump in and buy it yet because my other cooker still works fine…but now I’m really really REALLY tempted. Great review. Thanks so much!

    • Catherine

      You’ll love it Annette!! Let me know when you get it :)

  • Cherie

    Hi Catherine,
    I love the yellow and blue plate in the vitaclay article. Any chance I could know the brand and where you purchased it? I find it really, really difficult to find sets I like!

    Thank You!
    Cherie Walsh

    • Catherine

      Lol Cherie I’m glad you like it!! The brand is Wedgwood and it’s the Tuscany line. We got it when we got married 8 yrs ago, but I’m sure it’s still around somewhere!! :)

      • Cherie

        Thanks Catherine!! I am referring your website to my FB friends!

        • Catherine

          Awesome thanks so much Cherie I really appreciate it!!

  • Tanya

    I have the lg one, any tips on how to not have food including rice not burn and stick to the bottom? Everything I have ever cooked in mine has burnt to the bottom
    I really want to use it more but I haven’t in months now due to the clean up of burnt food stuck in the pot

  • Kathleen D

    Hi, I just bought the 8 cup rice/slow cooker but it only has soup/stew settings. Which do I use to make a roast?

    • Catherine

      Hi Kathleen! Use the stew setting for a roast :) Add a lot of organic butter, and 1-2 cups of water, stock or wine. It will be delicious!!!

  • Ruth

    May I suggest you look into becoming an amazon associate? Because of your suggestion I’m headed to amazon to find myself this clay slow cooker and if you’d had a link I would have clicked it.

    • Catherine

      Thank you Ruth!! I appreciate it!!

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