Homeopathic Remedies For Children During Cold & Flu Season

BlueTubeGroup-shadows-webLast year, as Winter turned to Spring, my kids all got the stomach flu. It was awful. They were all throwing up constantly for 24 hours. They did not stop throwing up until I went to Whole Foods and bought them a) Activated charcoal to drink and b) Homeopathic “pellets” for vomiting and diarrhea.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried homeopathic remedies before for your kid’s symptoms, (or your own) but they WORK. They even have ones for headaches. Those work great for me too. Sometimes I get hormonal headaches each month. The homeopathic tablets help me a ton.

Even after almost 10 years living in the “natural health” world, I still hadn’t tried homeopathic products before last winter! I regret waiting so long. They are definitely something to keep a medicine cabinet full of and to keep on hand. They won’t help prevent sickness, (which is what you need organic, real food and supplements for) but they are excellent for reducing severity and duration of symptoms with all of life’s ailments 🙂

Plus, they’re becoming very easy to purchase. I talked to the specialist at Whole Foods in the Whole Body section when I got mine originally, but I’ve since seen them at many other stores besides Whole Foods. You can order them online as well!

The nice thing is too, they work great for kids and adults, and you don’t have to buy separate formulas as long as your kids are over age 2. (I think they may also have a line for kids under that age)

The brand our Whole Foods carries is Boiron, so that’s the only kind I’ve used.

Do you use homeopathic remedies? If so, share with us your favorite ones and how they’ve worked for your family! Leave a comment below and let us know 🙂

For your extraordinary health friends!

Catherine Slezinger


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