HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I’m grateful for you!!

Growing up, Thanksgiving was one of my most favorite days of the year.
I can still smell the smells of fresh rolls coming out of the oven, my Mom stirring gravy on the stove, and my absolute favorite: chocolate pecan pie. YUM.
I would pay a lot of money for a chocolate fudge pecan pie right about now, but I’ll be having a homemade organic cheesecake for dessert tonight, so I can’t complain too much!
I just thought you might like the recipe for the cheesecake too so you can make it for your next birthday, holiday, or just because you need a piece of organic cheesecake day!
It’s super easy to make and it turns out super yummy every time!
Click here for the recipe:
No matter what you eat, (well, make it healthy and organic!) 🙂 remember that I’m grateful for you and it’s a pleasure and gift to know you!
For your extraordinary health!
With much love,
Happy Thanksgiving!


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