Announcing The Giving Tuesday Sale!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Today, I want to give you a helping hand, like I was given.  I want you to know that your life has the capacity to change, and that no matter where your health is today- it can be better.  No matter where you are right now, there is always, always hope!

This sale is to celebrate the amazing way that God made our bodies to regenerate, to heal, and to be made well!

May you find the amazing health that you deserve, and that you’ve been looking for! You deserve it and you CAN do it!!!

We’ve never made our prices this low before EVER! Enjoy the sale! (Goes until Wednesday night at midnight, December 2nd)

With much love, and for your extraordinary health! (And Merry Christmas!)

Catherine Slezinger

Mark and me______________________________________

Announcing the Giving Tuesday Sale! All eBooks Only $5! Discounts on Bundles Below!


How To Live Organic: What To Eat For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Ebook-over 65 fuss free, kid friendly and husband approved recipes to get you started (or give you some fresh ideas!) on your journey to amazing health!  Click here for details.

Giving Tuesday Sale: $5

Eat Fat Get Skinny

New! “Eat Fat, Get Skinny: How I Lost 40 Pounds & 4 Sizes Without Starving, Calorie Counting or Dieting eBook (And You Can Too!)

You can lose weight without eating like a rabbit, in the midst of your busy life, and without longing for “real food” all day long! Click here for details.

Giving Tuesday Sale: $5

Organic Lifestyle

“The Organic Lifestyle- How To Get Back To Basics & Really Start Eating- From The Organic Momma Series: Volume 1” eBook!

You’ll love this incredibly helpful, step by step guide to returning to God’s ways of eating and living for extraordinary health made easy! Click here for details.

Giving Tuesday: $5

Meal Planning 101

New! “Meal Planning 101 eBook: How To Create Meal Plans That Save Time, Money, & Reduce Stress

Take The Guess Work Out Of The Organic Kitchen With Meal Plans Anyone Can Follow! Click here for details.

Giving Tuesday Sale: $5

How TO Live organic what brands

How To Live Organic: What Brands of Organic Food To Eat Ebook- Bye bye health food store headaches!  This easy to reference guide will put YOU in control at the grocery store! You’ll walk out of any health food store confident that you’ve purchased the very best foods for your family, for the most economical price. 

  Click here for details.

Giving Tuesday Sale: $5


Buy as a package save $$:

Cookbook AND Healthy Shopper’s Guide

tom-ebook-eatorganic-sidebar+How TO Live organic what brandsGiving Tuesday Sale: $8

Weight Loss & Meal Planning Bundle!

Eat Fat Get Skinny +Meal Planning 101

Giving Tuesday Sale: $8

Cookbook & Eat Fat Get Skinny Bundle!

tom-ebook-eatorganic-sidebar+Eat Fat Get SkinnyGiving Tuesday Sale: $8

Cookbook AND Meal Planning Bundle: Your Quick Start Guide!

tom-ebook-eatorganic-sidebar+Meal Planning 101

Giving Tuesday Sale: $8

                                           The Ultimate Extraordinary Health Bundle!!!

All 4 Ebooks

Get all 4 of our books for the Ultimate Health package!  See above for details about each book.

Giving Tuesday Sale: $14

May this be the year you achieve extraordinary health!!!

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