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We all know we “should” be eating healthier.  But where to get started?  It can be overwhelming, listening to the ever changing health advice out there.  Or maybe you’ve been eating healthy for a while, but you’re getting bored with the same old dinners every night.  (Or your kids are letting you know they are!) 

The good news is- eating for optimal health doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t require countless hours in the kitchen.  All you need is a simple plan!

Let me help you get started with 7 days of meals all planned out for you- breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Every day you’ll receive a meal plan that shows you just how realistic it is to eat for optimal health in your busy, everyday life.  You can do it!

What’s included in your free 7 day guide:

  • 7 days worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans, ready in 30 minutes or less!
  • Over a dozen recipes for delicious organic meals
  • Encouragement to eat healthy in your busy, everyday life
  • Help with the challenges of finding healthy food that’s husband approved and kid-friendly
  • Fresh ideas to get your own meal rotation and planning going!

  • Beverly


    I sidned up for 7 day meal plan. I didn’t receive day 2. Can you resend?

    Thank you,
    Bev Hansford

    • Catherine

      Hi Beverly! We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email for assistance with your issue!

      Please feel free to contact us if you experience any future problems!

      Many blessings,

  • nichole

    I know I have signed up before but I can’t find the email.

    • Catherine

      Hi Nichole! We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email for assistance with your issue!

      Please feel free to contact us if you experience any future problems!

      Many blessings,

  • Meaghan White

    Hi there! I’m on your email list, but I seem to have missed this. Can you please resend? Thanks so much!!!

    • Catherine

      Hi Meaghan! We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email for assistance with your issue!

      Please feel free to contact us if you experience any future problems!

      Many blessings,

  • Tamara

    Hello, I haven’t received the 7 day meal plan yet. Excited to start a new journey. Thank you!

    • Catherine

      Hi Tamara! We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email for assistance with your issue!

      Please feel free to contact us if you experience any future problems!

      Many blessings,

  • tracy

    I sign up a long time ago but never seen the 7 day meal plan come through??? Did I muss it or am I doing something wrong?? :(

  • Janice Moore

    Thanks so much for doing this!! I am one of those food challenged people, I am not good at putting healthy meals together. I need to lose about 10 pounds. I have leukemia (CML) and it is important to me to stay as healthy as I can!!! Thank you again!!!

  • Britt

    I don’t see the meal plan. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Kim

    Catherine, what does it mean “website” I’m on an I-pad. I cannot still get free 7day meals yet.

  • Krisia

    Hi, i sign up for the 7 day plan but I haven’t get the email :(

  • Karen

    Thought I was not getting the daily emails as well; however, they were arriving and going to my very crowded junk email list. You may want to make a note on your page to add your email address to the safe sender list, so they don’t miss out. : )

    Love the meals and think I may finally have a way to convert my family to healthy eating!

    • Catherine

      Hi Karen! Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it :) So glad to hear you are enjoying the meals!!

  • Jeannie S

    Did not get the confirmation link.

  • Kristy

    Is it possible to get a link to these again? I saved them in an email folder, but somehow the entire folder disappeared. :( I’m so sad. I’m starting t
    The Maker’s diet and would love to have your recipes.

  • Karyn Spears

    Hello. Can you help me figure out how to access the meal-guide? I don’t see where to view it. Thanks!

    • Catherine

      Hi Karyn! It will be sent directly to your email address when you sign up!! If you have any problems, feel free to email and we’ll be happy to take care of you :)

  • Ashleigh

    I received Day #2, but somehow not Day #1. Hmm.

  • Kim

    I sign up 2weeks ago and have not received your 7 day meal plan. I enjoy reading your messages. Also where to get organic items it is very informative. Keep up the great advice!

  • Katrina

    I never get these emails but it states I am already subscribed… is there any other format to get the emails?

  • http://organicmomma Charlotte

    I tried to get the free menu plan but when I typed in the information, it said that I was already subscribed. Is there another way to receive the meal plan?
    Thanks for everything.

  • Pixie

    hi there,

    I signed up a while ago but never got the 7 day plan cause I signed up on my tablet. Im on my laptop now so could you please re send?

    Thank you,

  • Laurie

    I can’t access my Free 7 day meal plan.

  • Rita Snead

    I signed up but did not recieve anything either…not in my spam.

  • brenda hart

    I signed up as well and have not heard anything. Is this yet another scam?

    • Catherine

      Brenda, thousands of people have received our meal plan and it is absolutely not a scam :) You should receive the first letter 24 hrs after signing up. If you do not, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to send it out to you! Blessings!

  • Jodie

    I’m interested in signing up for your 7 day plan, but it looks like you are having technical difficulties with it going out after people sign up. Can you just simply email it to me?


    • Catherine

      Hi Jodie!! Thousands of people do not have technical difficulties ;) Let us know if you do but I don’t expect it! :)

  • Sharon S

    Hi Catherine,

    I’m going to your website to sign up for the 7 day plan, but I would like to be sure my email address isn’t shared or sold. Can you verify this for me?
    Thank you, Sharon

    • Catherine

      Hi Sharon!
      Yes, you can be absolutely certain it is not shared or sold by any means- it goes into our secure database. I hate spam as much as you do!!!

  • Elise

    I have yet to receive the 7 days of meals via email. I’ve checked a few times to no avail. :)

  • Laura – party of 5

    Can’t wait to get mine :)

    • Catherine

      Let me know when you do Laura!!

  • Angela

    I signed up and never received it either

    • Catherine

      Angela, please send an email to and we will be happy to re send to you! Sometimes it gets lost in spam folders :)

  • charzie

    I’m excited to get the 7 day meal plan. I signed up and have not received it. thank you for making your page I love the articles!!

  • Michelle Zandona

    I signed up and received the confirmation but did not receive the 7 day meal plan…

  • Betty Prout

    I keep trying to click on where I get the free 7 day plan, but it’s some kind of crazy loop. It just tells me I’m already signed in, then when I go back to the site, it sends to the sign-in again. ARGH! Help please, Betty

  • Lynn Casavant

    I have not received the 7 day plan yet.
    Please help thanks

  • Sandra

    I have signed for the diet , however I have not received any information. I know I need to wait 24 hours , but I have signed on Saturday and today is Monday and still waiting. would you help me please?
    Thank you.

  • Trina Burton (The Bookinista)

    Hello! I signed up for the emails but have not received the 7 day meal plan. Please help!

  • Abby

    I’m having the same issue. I authorized it over 24 hours ago. I’m excited to get started!

    • Catherine

      Hi Abby! Did it ever come? :)

  • Glenys

    Hey! How can I take advantaged of this menu?

  • Brigitte

    Looking forward to it

    • Catherine

      Enjoy Brigitte!

  • Jane

    I haven’t received them either. Please can you resend? Thank you :)

  • Ramona DeRonde

    Same here it said I was already signed up but I didn’t receive it?

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    I was told I was in the system but didn’t get the 7 day plan. Am I doing something wrong?



  • Annette

    I haven’t recieved the first meal plan yet. Thanks for checking.

    • Catherine

      Ok Annette! I will re-send! :)

    • Catherine

      Annette I just re-sent :)

  • Donna Jones

    Hi Catherine,

    I signed up for the meal plan, but have not received the “meal plan.” I did get a confirmation email, but nothing about the 7 day plan. Thanks so much.

    • Catherine

      Hi Donna!! You should receive your first day within 24 hrs of signing up, but I resent you all of them just in case something went wrong :) Enjoy!

  • Rachel Pierce

    Hey, I signed up a while back but don’t recall receiving the meal plans.

    Also, the first of January I won one of your giveaways but never received it. Was just curious about that.

    Thank you,

    • Catherine

      Rachel! Hi!! Thank you SO much for following up on this, I was just thinking yesterday that not everyone had sent in their addresses who won! And then once you wrote I searched my inbox and found your email, which had gotten buried with some others and that was I hadn’t seen it! I have sent your info to GOL and they should be mailing you your prize shortly! I’m SO sorry for the delay!!!

  • April

    I Signed up for your 7 Day Meal Plan And Didn’t Recieve It

    • Catherine

      Let me check on that for you April!

  • Chelsey

    I got them! Thank you sooo much :) I can’t wait to start!

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    No meal plan (yet). Please help.

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      Hi Emma!! Did you get yours yet? I’m showing that my email system has sent 3 days so far :) Just let me know! :)

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    Hi! Love your site. I signed up for the seven day meal plan as well, and got the first one right away yesterday, but haven’t gotten the first day of meal plans? Thanks for checking into it for me!

    • Catherine

      Hi Leah!! The first one should come within 24 hrs of the very first email you received, let me know if you didn’t get it yet and I’ll re-send :) Bless you!

  • Chelsey

    I signed up for the emails. I haven’t received the meal plan email yet. Could you resend it for me? Thanks!!! :)

    • Catherine

      Hi Chelsey! Did you receive them yet? :) Let me know, I can re send. You should get your first one 24 hrs after you initially confirm :)

  • Kim

    Signed up for the email and didn’t get the 7 Day meal planner. How can I get that?

    • Catherine

      Kim, looks like you’re in the system, I’m showing you received the first one! Let me know if you didn’t and I can re send :)

      • Kim

        I still don’t see it. If u could resend it that would be great! Thanks

      • maria elena stegall

        Signed up, received nothing!

        • Catherine

          Hi Maria! We apologize for the inconvenience! Please email for assistance with your issue!

          Please feel free to contact us if you experience any future problems!

          Many blessings,

    • patricia

      Do they send them to our email?

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        Yes! To receive them please sign up using the form at the top of the page!

        Many blessings,