Drop A Size in 30 Days And Reset Your Health

Haley Chapman

Are you in need of a breakthrough in your health? I know that from time to time we all need one.

Maybe you have a specific health challenge you’re facing right now- needing to lose weight, wanting more energy, needing better sleep, or maybe yours is a different challenge at the moment!

I’m here to tell you today that there is hope. There is always hope, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! And you just don’t know when your life is about to change!

I’m happy to give you a way to lose that last 10 pounds (or more!) and take control of your health once and for all.

In addition to following the Maker’s Diet, I’m loving a nutritional system that gives outstanding results in a short period of time. It’s backed by a solid, committed to God honoring, organic principles company who puts over $3 million dollars yearly into making sure that their products are entirely free of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc or any other toxins!

Their products work, and as someone who has eaten 100% organic whole foods for the last 10 years, I am amazed at the energy levels and stamina these products have given me.

And I’m so excited to give you the opportunity to take control of your health with a 30 day program that has proven results for millions of people worldwide.

Here’s one fantastic story from a beautiful young woman who joined us last month: (see Haley’s beautiful smiling face above!)

“Isagenix changed my life. I overcame two battles in my life with this 30 day system; smoking cigarettes and eating whatever I wanted. Give your body what it needs and deserves, and everything will take care of itself. Isagenix is not necessarily about looking good at all for me. It’s about how it changed my perspective on life and how I should never give up on being healthy. Best month of my life.” Haley Chapman

Christina, a young Mom who joined us, lost 9 lbs!

“I made it!  Lost 16.25 inches overall and 9 lbs (goal was 10, but I’ll take 9 if it means I fit my pre-kid clothes!) I can honestly say my expectations were met physically and exceeded mentally! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey! Looking forward to maintaining the habits I took up to replace the bad ones I broke!” Christina Williams

From WednesdaySunday, anyone who joins us with the 30 day program kit will also receive a FREE copy of my best selling eBook “Eat Fat Get Skinny” which will help you maximize your weight loss efforts in tandem with the Isagenix program.


I am looking for fifteen women who want to lose 10 pounds or more. I will personally work with you in a secret Facebook group where you will have daily interaction with both myself and our team coaches.

Don’t wait, though, we can only work with 15 people this month so closely!

Enroll right away to get your free book and to be added to our secret group! We will begin the program Monday, November 9th!

Last month Nichele also joined us and had this to say:

“I am on day 14 tomorrow and still feeling great, and down 9 lbs. Sleeping better than I have as a child, and I have so much energy and mental clarity all day- still sooo happy I did it! Thank you for checking in 🙂 My gastroenterologist is so amazed at my quick transition. I was able to finally make my gastritis and esophagitis symptoms subside with this new lifestyle!”

Will you be one of the 15? I so look forward to working with you personally and seeing your results together!

You can enroll here.

With much love, and for your extraordinary health!

Many blessings!

Catherine Slezinger

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