Coconut Milk Smoothie For Weight Loss

coconut milk smoothie weight loss picture with coconut and milk

I wanted to share with you a recipe I’ve created that has greatly helped me on my weight loss journey.  It’s based off of a whole lot of research I’ve done about the amazing properties of coconut and coconut oil, particularly with regards to weight loss.

Now, before I go any further, let me make one point: coconut oil is very high in saturated fat and calories, BUT, neither of those things are unhealthy NOR do they cause weight gain, contrary to what well meaning, mainstream health gurus will tell you.  There’s a whole lot more to be said about that topic, and I’ll be discussing it more later on this month.  (So be on the lookout for more posts showing you how to lose weight with coconut oil, without starving!) But for now, I’d encourage you to read the book “Eat Fat Lose Fat” by Sally Fallon & Mary Enig.  You’ll never think the same way again about fat!  You’ll be happier too!

Anyway, back to my recipe. This recipe incorporates fat burning and metabolism revving UP coconut milk and coconut oil, high protein from eggs, and antioxidants and fiber from organic berries.  And let me just say, you will be full for HOURS from this smoothie.  I have it almost every day for lunch, but it would make a great breakfast too.  Plus, it takes less than 3 minutes to prepare.  (A must for busy Mom’s or anybody else who’s on the go!)

So without further ado, here’s my coconut milk smoothie for weight loss: (or anyone needing a filling, extremely nutritious snack or meal replacement)

Coconut Milk Smoothie For Weight Loss Recipe


  • 8 oz. organic coconut milk, (I like the Native Forest brand, the container is BPA free)
  • 1 tablespoon organic extra virgin coconut oil (I like the Nutiva brand)
  • 2 eggs, organic, free range, and yes, raw!
  • 1/4 cup organic frozen raspberries or other frozen berry
  • 1 frozen organic banana
  • Optional: 1 tsp- 1 tbsp organic raw honey ( I leave this out but you might prefer it!)


In a high powered blender or VitaMix, blend well until desired consistency is achieved.  ENJOY!

I can’t wait to hear how you like this smoothie!  Let me know when you try it!  With love,

Catherine Slezinger

New Bio Pic Megan

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  1. 1


    My morning smoothie is almost the same, except I use raw cow’s milk instead of coconut milk, and a scoop of protein powder (SP Complete by Standard Process) instead of one of your eggs. I skip the banana, and add a splash of vanilla.

    Do you think coconut milk is better than raw cow’s milk?

    If it will make a difference, I’m willing to tweak my recipe! ;o)

    • 2
      • 3

        Hi Catherine,

        I was wondering if you had any articles on Coconut oil for weightloss?

        I compared your coconut milk to raw milk (labels) and found the following:

        Coconut vs. Cow’s Milk (1 cup)
        calories: 400/160
        fat: 40g/9g
        cholesterol: 0g/35mg
        sodium: 100mg/120mg
        carb: 12g/12g
        protein: <1g/9g

        I only bring this up because my N.D. recommends the raw milk smoothie for weight loss as well, and it has helped me lose a significant amount of weight. I add coconut oil for it's "magical" properties.

        I was just wondering if using coconut exclusively increases the "magic" and if so, what is that "magic"?

        • 4
          • 5

            Amy, were you comparing the canned coconut milk that is thick and sweet? I’m pretty sure Catherine is using the kind that is like the soy milk or almond milk or rice milk. I use it quite often because I’m lactose intolerant and I can make a smoothie that doesn’t upset my stomach and tastes great.

          • 6

            Hi Cheryl! I only recommend Native Forest Organic’s coconut milk in the can, which is BPA free. The coconut milk “beverages” also contain synthetic vitamins and additives so I don’t recommend them 🙂

          • 7

            I see that this brand contains 400 calories per cup. While I don’t count calories so much, I just want to give out that info. for those who do. Many believe the benefits of coconut milk outweigh the calorie count.

          • 8
        • 9

          Hi Amy! Using the coconut milk is one more way to get the benefits of coconut into the diet. Check out and do a search for “coconut” to find out some of the awesome health benefits of it, including weight loss. Coconut increases thermogenesis and fires up the metabolism! It also keeps you full for hours on end. I make raw milk smoothies as well, but they don’t keep me nearly as full as when I use coconut milk. I am full for hours & can eat a much smaller dinner!

  2. 10

    I absolutely love using coconut milk in smoothies! mmm.. and coconut oil adds a delicious richness that cannot be matched! I recently read a blog post about making your own coconut milk using an organic coconut, water and the beloved vitamix! Awesome way to save!

  3. 12

    I’m really intrigued by this and want to give it a try but I’m nervous about the raw egg – what purpose is it serving exactly? Is there a good alternative? Thanks!

    • 13

      Hi Melissa! Raw eggs are completely safe- in fact Dr. Mercola says your chances of getting salmonella from an organic, free range egg are lower than your chances of winning the lottery! 🙂 The raw egg is a fabulous source of bioavailable protein!

      • 14

        i would recommend NOT doing the raw egg, though, if you CAN’T find organic, free range. I wouldn’t trust a standard egg from the supermarket without cooking it first.

        • 15

          Rachel, I’d definitely not recommend using a conventional raw egg. I don’t trust them even if they’re cooked!! 😉

          • 16

            Hey those that are concerned about the safety of raw eggs. Get them fresh from the farm. When the hen lays the egg there is a natural coating on the egg (thank you mother nature) that protects the chick from bacteria entering thru the shell. This coating is removed when it is washed. I raise chickens and do not wash my eggs until I am ready to crack them.

            I cant wait to check the carbs on this shake. I love smoothies but many are too high in carbs for a diabetic.

    • 17

      A great alternative that actually adds a little sweetness, too, is silken tofu. I use it in smoothies all the time. It’s loaded with protein and gives a nice consistency, too.

      • 18

        Hi Sheila!! I don’t recommend eating any soy that is unfermented- it is extremely processed and extremely high in estrogen 🙂

        • 19

          I wouldn’t use soy as it has an adverse effect on the body if you already have hormone issues… but the BIG reason to stay away from soy is that it is almost all GMO. You could buy it certified organic to avoid that but ultimately, not a good choice.

  4. 21

    I have gone on MD twice before and LOVED it. I am not necessarily eating SAD, but im not near MD either.

    I am pregnant now and would like to go on MD. I have one 7 month old daughter now and gained 35lbs with her, which i feel is reasonable. I lost all of it before getting pregnant again. Do you mind if I ask how much you gained with each pregnancy while on it?

    In another blog it looked like you said you’ve been on the Maker’s Diet for 6 years. So you were on it before, during, and after each pregnancy?

    Did you also take the supplements while pregnant? which ones?

    • 22

      Hi Natasha!! Yes, I was on MD before and after each of my 3 pregnancies so far :)) And yes I did take GOL supplements while pregnant! I took Primal Defense, their Living Calcium, the Vitamin Code prenatal, cod liver oil, and the Omega Zymes. I also used their Protein powder when I needed it 🙂

  5. 23

    Hi there,

    Just wondering… is it absolutely necessary to use all organic ingredients in this smoothie, or can some non-organic ingredients be substituted? I use coconut milk frequently when cooking ethnic dishes, but I always buy it canned from the Asian section at the grocery store. Would this be an acceptable alternative, or should I seek out the organics? Thanks!!

    • 24

      Hi Leah! Great question! I am all for using 100% organic ingredients because I like to know that it’s been produced as toxin free as possible. I really like the Native Forest Organic Brand of coconut milk. 🙂 Even within organic brands, theirs is the only one I’ll use because they have BPA free containers.

    • 25

      I think it is great to use organic, and I wish we could get BPA free in Australia but I don’t currently know of any brands. In regards to your question, I know coconut is a low pesticide crop, so if you are weighing it up, it is not as bad as say, getting the raspberries non organic (high pesticide crop) or spinach or something like that 🙂 hope that adds to your response Catherine

  6. 26

    Hi Catherine,
    I am beyond ecstatic to have come across your website! Currently, I am finishing week 1 of the Maker’s Diet. I just made this smoothie for lunch and it is delicious. I was a bit afraid of the texture with the raw egg, but it was totally fine. I simply added more frozen berries instead of using a frozen banana, since I can’t have them until Phase 3. Have a great day and God bless!

  7. 30

    This sounds good and I can’t wait to make it! I understand why you like all organic things, but if I am ok with not doing organic, then is any kind of coconut milk fine? I am confused as to the different varieties. There’s the canned kind near the Asian foods, there’s the refrigerated kind, the kind in a box that is the same brand as the refrigerated….Oh and is vanilla flavored ok? It’s just flavor right – no extra sugar/calories, right?

    • 31

      Hi Laney! I’d recommend sticking as closely to pure coconut milk as you can, preferably organic 🙂 to avoid chemicals and also BPA in the container. As far as the flavored ones, usually they do come with added sweeteners and/or chemical additives. I’d be sure to read the labels. 🙂 You might be surprised what you see. My favorite brand is Native Forest Organic. Hope this helps!

  8. 32
  9. 34

    I copied this recipe exactly and it was lovely! easy to make and very filling.

    I had it for lunch after having weetabix for breakfast that morning, and I found I still wasnt hungry by dinner time! I had my usual fish and veggies anyway though to keep my body working.

    My only concern and thought that worried me the whole time I was drinking it was using the raw eggs….I used 2 whole organic free range raw eggs but I have read some diet websites that say it is dangerous to include raw eggs as it can lead to salmonella… you have any research/information/experience on this?

    • 35

      Hi Nicola!! Glad you enjoyed the smoothie!! As far as the raw eggs, Dr. Mercola of recommends raw eggs highly and says your chances of getting salmonella from an organic, free range eggs are lower than your chance of winning the lottery!!

  10. 36

    Oh my goodness! I just tried this and I did not expect it to taste sooooo good! I used homemade coconut milk. The only problem is I drank about a quarter of it and I’m too full to drink any more:). In the fridge for later, I guess! Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • 37

      Shannon you are welcome and I’m so glad to hear this!! Wow, great job making homemade coconut milk 🙂

  11. 38

    I would consider another protein source than raw eggs! I have seen my husband get very sick from salmonella poisoning after having raw eggs in his shake. I would hate to see anyone get that sick!

    • 39

      Hi Tanya! The chances of getting salmonella from an organic, free range egg are higher than your chances of winning the lottery!! Dr. Mercola is a HUGE proponent of raw eggs, that’s where I got the idea from. They’re an excellent source of bioavailable protein! Just make sure you’re using the right kind of eggs. 🙂

  12. 40

    This sounds GREAT!! Just wondering if it’s ok to just use a good protien powder instead of the eggs. I just can’t make myself do the raw eggs.
    Thank you so much!

    • 41

      Hi Tina! Yes, you could substitute a good protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw protein powder if that makes you feel more comfortable 🙂

  13. 42

    So reading this recipe made my stomach turn. The raw eggs made me think of that scene in Napoleon Dynamite where they drink that whole raw egg drink. I love eggs over easy, hollandaise sauce, carbonara, homemade mayo which all have raw eggs. So this morning I made myself do it. I actually added chia seeds, cucumber and a little pineapple juice (bc I had some). I would have added spinach but I’m out. It was really tasty. I used more like 1.5 eggs. My eggs came from my own chickens and they lay huge eggs, so I just used 1. My boys kept drinking and drinking my breakfast. They obviously didn’t see the egg go in. Although they may not be old enough to be grossed out by it. So I did it. And I like it. And I will do it again, but I will vary the fruits and veggies I put in. I do whole juicing every morning, so I will basically add the coconut milk and eggs to my current concoctions (I was already using the coconut oil). I get 3 cups of greens in my breakfast every day, in addition to all the other fruits and veggies I put in.

    • 43

      Hi April!! Wow, that’s so cool you have eggs from your own chickens! Glad you enjoyed the smoothie!!

  14. 44

    I recently learned about the benefits of coconut oil and coconut milk. I purchased a HUGE container of coconut oil, eager to incorporate it into baking and all the other fun uses. I used the coconut oil in place of shortening in a cookie bar recipe, and it was YUCK! I was warned that the oil would alter baked goods to taste like coconut, but the flavor to me was like burnt tree bark! Is this normal? Is it an acquired taste? Or did I get a bad batch of oil?

    • 45

      Amber, that is so weird! I use coconut oil in all my baking and find that it does awesome! I’ve never even had baked goods taste like coconut oil. I’m wondering what brand you used, that might have affected it.

    • 46

      I know it’s been a while since your comment but I just ran across it. I have had coconut oil taste smokey and gross. After much research, I learned that some companies use a process that involves heat treatments, filtered through bleaching clays and then use sodium hydroxide to remove free fatty acids. If something goes wrong during this process then it will leave that terrible taste and is not edible. I now make sure I get coconut oil that has been refined using a physical/mechanical process to avoid this issue.

      • 47

        Good point Herb Girl!! Yes, not all coconut oil is created equal to be sure 🙂 Look for one that’s not refined, deodorized or bleached to avoid the problems you mentioned 🙂 Garden of Life, Tropical Traditions, and Nutiva are all high quality brands 🙂

  15. 48

    I absolutely love this recipe but I have one concern. I haven’t tried it yet 1-because I just came across it but 2-I am allergic to latex and can’t eat bananas anymore. Is it ok to leave the banana out? What else can be substituted in it’s place?

    • 49

      Hi Dee! Yes, you can definitely leave the bananas out, substituting any other frozen fruit you’d like. The texture won’t be quite as thick but it will still have the desired effect :))

  16. 50
    • 51

      Hi Alexis!! I use frozen banana instead of ice 🙂 It gives a great texture and makes it cold! 🙂

  17. 52

    Hello, I can’t wait to try this. I am planning on purchasing the coconut milk you recommend. I was looking on line and it appears that there is a light version with 68% less fat, is this an acceptable option or does it have to be the full fat version? Thank You

    • 53

      Christi, I only recommend the full fat version!! The reason is because it is the fat that keeps you full!! If you want to know more about the science behind this, I explain it fully in my Eat Fat, Get Skinny eBook 🙂

  18. 54
  19. 55

    Hi! I was planning to try this smoothie, but I don’t have any coconut oil! Will just coconut milk do? Or do I need the oil for the weight loss? Thanks in advance!

    • 56
    • 57

      Emma, you definitely need the oil too! 🙂 I mean, without it will be fine for a time or two, but long term you definitely want the oil 🙂

  20. 58

    I found your recipe on Pinterest this morning and promptly went to the kitchen and whipped this up. Yummmm! So good and filling, plus my kids loved it too! As one commenter mentioned chia seeds, I added some, a bit of chopped dates and a bit of protein powder. I doubled the recipe and since my chickens are taking a winter break and I only had two eggs do was glad to have the protein powder. I have about 40lbs to lose after having 4 babies. I am excited to add this to my arsenal of diet foods! Thanks!!!

    • 59

      Jessica, I’m so glad to hear this!! And about the weight loss, you can totally do it!! I had 40 lbs to lose too after having 3 babies in 3 yrs. I hope this smoothie helps you achieve your weight loss goals this new year!! Bless you!

    • 60

      I’m so glad this helped you Jessica and so nice to meet you!! I had 40 lbs to lose after having 3 kids in 3 yrs- I know the feeling and you can do it!!!

  21. 61
  22. 62

    So excited to try this! What else do you do to assist with the weight loss? And do you watch what you eat for supper? Just didn’t want to reverse everything I have done all day with a bad choice in my evening meal

  23. 64
  24. 66
  25. 68
  26. 70
    • 71

      Kim, you definitely could!! It definitely won’t taste as good as fresh, but the nutritional benefits would still be there!!

  27. 72
  28. 74

    I’ve been throwing raw eggs into mysmoothies for years is an awesome source of protein. frozen banana will give you more ice cream consistency which is yummy!

    • 75

      Yes Robyn the ice cream consistency with frozen bananas is heavenly!! Especially with the rich coconut milk!! Mmmm!!!

  29. 76

    We always use raw eggs in homemade ice cream. Since I grew up on a dairy farm, we always had milk. Even eating eggs over easy, scrsmbled eggs, I hate cooked until dry. Believe me, I have also eaten my share of cookie dough. We did not have chickens, but always purchased eggs at the grocery. I would be much more afraid of salmonella frm unpasturized eggs.

  30. 77
    • 78

      Becky, do you mean instead of the coconut oil, or in addition to it? If in addition to it, definitely!! But the coconut oil is definitely a key ingredient 🙂

  31. 79

    Hi- I am super interested in this- not for weight loss, just for something healthy to have for breakfast that is quick and easy.

    I am pregnant though- and I see you have said ove rand over again that raw organic, free range eggs should be very safe, BUT just wondering if I should err on the cautious side and skip that ingredient during the pregnancy?

    Also, my stores out here don’t carry your recommended coconut milk brand 🙁 So would you recommend the canned, boxed but unfrigerated or the fridgerated version of it??


  32. 80

    I just found this recipe and it sounds like its worth a try! I go to the gym alot because im going to school to be a personal trainer and i need to start adding more protein to my diet. I was wondering about the eggs, my family makes icecream with store boughten raw eggs so this doesnt conern me but where exactly go you find organic eggs at? Im not sure if i have been overlooking them at the store.

  33. 82

    Unbelieveable! I love coconut products. Am going to try this. The stores are closed. Guess I’ll calm down and wait until they open tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for this information.

  34. 84
  35. 86

    I’m excited to try this! I’m still a little leary of the eggs, but am willing to give it a shot… I was hoping to make this in the morning and take it for lunch at work, but will that work with raw eggs? I can keep it in the fridge at work, but I commute an hour… would it make more sense to use the protein powder?

  36. 88
    • 89
    • 90

      Mine is too. I use frozen raspberries to keep it cold. But have the same problem, then. What if I microwave the coconut oil?

  37. 91

    I just made this smoothie and am literally drinking it right now. It is delicious and I am feeling full all ready and cannot wait to implement this into my diet and start seeing some results along with my other dietary changes exercise.
    Thanks so much for the recipe. I might even start adding some spinach to get add some more greens to my diet.

  38. 93

    What about the so delicious dairy free coconut milk beverage? I know its not organic but otherwise is it the same as the canned stuff?

    • 94

      Erin I do NOT recommend that, it has lots of synthetic vitamins and it’s not organic. Stick to the real stuff 🙂 Native Forest Organic is a great brand, and they also have BPA free containers.

      • 95

        Is it the canned stuff? I found it on amazon in cans only. It is hard to believe that something SO high in fat can help you lose weight….I have been doing weight watchers for almost 2 years and been very successful and this year I’m trying to eat a mostly organic vegetarian diet. I did the Dr oz 3 day cleanse and still am incorporating some of the smoothies into Ny everyday meals but I love the sound of yours! It is he calories and fat I’m worried about!!

        • 96

          Also, I don’t have a thyroid (thyroid cancer 7 years ago when I was 21!) But I’m guessing this would atoll be okay?

          And thank you for actually writing back to me!! I found your smoothie on pinterest the other day and then added you on facebook. You’re so inspirational 🙂

        • 97

          Hi Erin! Yes, I recommend the Native Forest Organic brand, they are BPA free containers. I know it’s hard to believe, it goes against all mainstream health recommendations 🙂 But it’s the way God made our bodies!! For more on this in detail, see my eBook- Eat Fat, Get Skinny where I talk in depth about how I lost 40 lbs of baby weight and 4 sizes without counting calories, starving, or dieting, and eating LOTS of fat!

  39. 98
  40. 100
  41. 101
  42. 103

    Holy cow! I had one just now for breakfast and it was good. However, it better hold me over til dinner because that was an 800 calorie breakfast! For someone trying to lose about 12-15 lbs and trying to eat no more than 1200 calories a day that is ALOT of calories. I’m a little nervous to make this an every day meal.

  43. 105

    I read most of the comments regarding this smoothie and I have a question before I make it. I went to the Native Forest Coconut Milk website and their smoothies have 1/4 cup or 2 tablespoons of the coconut milk and your recipe has 8 oz. Is that what you intend for this recipe?

  44. 107

    Hi, I just started weight watchers. I was wondering how it does with the points??I guess I would just have to add up the individual ingredients to figure it out. Thanks for the recipe

    • 108
    • 109

      Hi Stacy! I do weight watchers too! (2 years at the end of April and 50lbs down!). This smoothie is about 18 points!! I get 30 per day. Ironically today was my first smoothie! It was yummy (had to use unpasteurized eggs because I couldnt find pasteurized but Catherine uses unpasteurized organic as well) and it was yummy. I finished mine about 1.5 hours ago and quite honestly I want to eat something haha the only reason I haven’t eaten is because I need points for dinner (it is 1:45 right now!) And I don’t have fruit or veggies with ne at work. I am curious how long it will take to start seeing the scale go down more. I also just incorporated a multivitamin with probiotics last night which I wasn’t taking before. Obviously my eating plan will keep me losing weight but I should start seeing bigger results with this smoothie right!? I’m trying tonlose my last 50lbs this year so I can become lifetime and not have to pay anymore haha good luck with both!!

  45. 110

    I am wanting to lose about 15 lbs. How often do you recommend the smoothie daily/weekly to achieve my goal over the course of one to two months? Did you stick to this along with what other meals? Did they have to be just protein?

  46. 113

    I can only find native forest coconut milk in cans. Is this what you use? I noticed you talk about bpa free containers and I thought bpa was plastic…

  47. 115

    Hey Catherine,
    I absolutely love your push for all organic ingredients! I did have a question about your smoothie though, do you think it would be ok if i went half coconut milk and half organic milk? I buy snowville creamery milk because it is as close to raw milk as i can get at the store (still haven’t convinced my hubby to get raw milk yet from a cow share). Its from grass-fed cattle and is non-homogenized and boiled for as short of a time allowed by the FDA. I’m not doing this for weight loss, just another way to have a healthy breakfast. Do you think i would still get the good effects of the coconut milk from doing 4 oz of coconut milk and half organic milk?

    • 116

      Hi Ali!
      Yes, you will definitely still get some good effects, just don’t expect it to keep you full for hours though 🙂 It also won’t be quite as creamy but it will still be good!!

  48. 117

    Catherine slezinger I don’t like to count the calories but what exactly did you do to loss all the weight?? Am trying to loss my baby fat as well.. And the smoothie thing sounds good..

  49. 119

    Hi Catherine,
    I just found this on pinterset and tried it straight away… I have an egg allergy so I used my regular protein powder, and did not have coconut milk so I used organic soy. It was delicious and very creamy and so far filling.
    My question is this… can I stick with the organic soy (I’m back to being a poor uni student again) or should I get my hands on the coconut milk… is the oil alone enough?

    • 120

      Hi Jess!! I actually don’t recommend soy milk at all, it is highly processed and contains lots of excess estrogen. I only recommend fermented soy like natto 🙂 So definitely stick with the coconut milk! 🙂

    • 121

      And by coconut milk, she is talking about the canned kind not the so delicious brand milk replacement type! Its really yummy!!

  50. 122

    Hi! I’m a huge coconut oil proponet! Love it and use it all the time. I’m also a smoothie girl and I’m always trying to create new recipes for smoothies. I love this recipe but I think I’d use organic low fat cottage cheese instead of the coconut milk. The texture is really thick and is more ice creamy. Just a thought!

    • 123

      Hi Tracy! That’s a great idea but the reason I use coconut milk is for the thermogenic properties of the coconut to aid in weight loss 🙂 Whole milk cottage cheese would definitely be filling too, but won’t help in weight loss much 🙂

  51. 124
  52. 125
    • 126

      Hi Paula! Yes you definitely could, I might leave out the raw egg in that case 🙂 A few hours in advance should be good!!

  53. 127
  54. 128

    Did you by any chance find that you gained weight before losing it with this smoothie? I do weight watchers as well but I was just wondering because of the calories content of this smoothie 🙂

  55. 129

    How many meals did you replace with this smoothie? Also, is it the canned coconut milk or can I use the 1/2 gallon organic brands?
    Thank you and I am super excited to try this but must admit, I am nervous about the raw eggs:)

    • 130

      Hi Amy!! If the raw eggs make you too nervous, you can always sub out only egg yolks, or use a protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein in its place 🙂 And I used to use it for lunch about 3-4 x per week. I’d only recommend the canned coconut milk as many organic coconut milks that are non canned also contains synthetic vitamins and flavorings 🙂

  56. 131

    I was wondering must all ingredients be organic or will it work the same with non organic berries, bananas and eggs? I understand it is healther but does it really make that big of a difference?

    • 132

      Hi Dahlene! I wouldn’t ever recommend eating conventional eggs raw, (or otherwise!) 😉 as the risk of salmonella is too great with conventional eggs. You’re also adding a lot of chemicals to the smoothie using non organic ingredients with the berries, bananas, coconut milk, etc 🙂

  57. 133
    • 134

      Hi Sharon! Almond milk is usually highly processed and also doesn’t have any of the thermogenic properties of coconut milk, so I wouldn’t recommend it 🙂

  58. 135
  59. 137

    If I leave out the banana what fruit would be the next best substitute. I’m using pom juice instead of berries. Is that ok?

    • 138

      Hi Sarah! I would recommend keeping the berries if you can because they’re high in fiber. Also, you can sub any frozen fruit for the banana, but it won’t be quite as creamy 🙂

  60. 139

    Thank you for this recipe! It is now my absolute favorite go-to recipe! I’ll admit, the thought of putting raw eggs into a smoothie really grossed me out but it came out fantastic! I used blueberries instead of strawberries! Then I tried mango instead of strawberries! Ah-mazing! It tastes like a pina colada. I drink these before my workouts (I’ll do a 5 mile run-about an hour and then an hour weight class at the gym) and it keeps me going with no stomach aches. Love it!

  61. 141

    Oh my word! I also have had 3 babies in 3 years (our youngest is 2 months) and I am just starting my explorations into herbalism. Really pumped to lose my baby weight so I’m excited to try this! Thank you for sharing your recipe and I’ll definitely be looking for more in the future!

  62. 143

    Hi Catherine!

    I repined this recipe without reading it and once I did I was nervous about the egg! I took the plunge this morning and made it, much to my surprise it is yummy!

    I realized though that my coconut milk is actually a coconut milk “beverage” but it’s what I had so I used it. Also used regular coconut oil instead of organic because that’s what I have on hand, it’s almost gone so I will buy organic then. My organic eggs are from Costco and says they are cage free so hopefully they are fine.

    My question though is that my coconut oil chunked up because of the frozen fruits…anyway to avoid this? I just don’t like the texture! LOL

  63. 145
  64. 147
    • 148

      You can use some high quality protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein if it makes you feel better 🙂

  65. 149

    Hi there
    How in the world do you blend it enough to not have chunks of coconut oil in there?:). I love the shake but can’t get past the chunks of oil

  66. 150

    I have been buying the native forest canned unsweetened organic coconut milk, classic. I don’t see that it says bpa free anywhere though…am I not supposed to buy it canned?

    I noticed a different brand available on that does advertise as bpa free container, the brand is called natural value. Should I stick with the native forest cans?

    • 151

      Jamie, sometimes the companies don’t include that info on their cans (that they’re BPA free) but doing some research beforehand will tell you if they are or not. Native Forest is 🙂 It only comes canned. I would stick with the Native Forest as they’re the only brand I know that is organic, and BPA free 🙂

  67. 152

    Thank you Catherine for taking the time to share! I had no reservations regarding the fat – completely get the healthy fat (and it better have enough calories to keep me satisfied and enough energy for my active lifestyle) – I absolutely love coconut – so this was a win for me from the start! I bought enough of everything to have for lunch for 6 days at work, and after the first 2 days, I lost 5 pounds! My weight had plateaued for weeks, and this did the trick to get me started again! It kept me full for 7 – 8 hours! I don’t use the honey either as I think it’s perfectly sweet without it! I’m sticking with it, and hoping to achieve my health and fitness goals by summer (including a fairly intensive workout routine). With my quick results, I even have a few work associates willing to give it a try! Thanks again! I am looking forward to reading your book!

  68. 153

    I have tried coconut oil in smoothies as well but even at room temp. it is solid. I end eating coconut oil chunks in my smoothie. Even if I heat it first it turns right back to solid as soon as it is room temp. How do you keep your liquid or do you?

    • 154
      • 155

        Heather, I melt my coconut oil and slowly drizzle it into my smoothies while it whips. It also helps if you don’t add your frozen/cold ingredients until all the oil has whipped into the room temp. milk. I haven’t had any problems since learning that trick. Happening this helps!

  69. 156

    Thanks so much for this smoothie idea! I did mine with a mix of cow’s milk and vanilla kefir, and I used just the egg whites… FANTASTIC!!!

  70. 158

    I have made the smoothie but I can’t get past the raw egg ( so sorry ). Is there anything I can substitute for the egg. I should point out that I stopped eating eggs a couple of years ago after getting sick from eating some I got at the grocery store. Can you recommend a good substitute for the eggs. Thanks

  71. 160

    Breakfast has always been my downfall! When I was young I had stomach issues and could rarely bare to see food before 10 am, by then I would be in school and need to wait until lunch to eat. That kind of schedule, and having 4 kiddos has done a number on my waistline, so I’m trying to reign it in. I’m new to drinking smoothies, but have found that I can put one down by 7 am. I was a little apprehensive when I saw raw eggs (always been a turn off for me). However, getting healthy for me is about getting out of my comfort zone, so I ate it and loved it. I’ve had this smoothie for either breakfast or lunch a few times in the last week. It’s so yummy, and the best thing is I’m not hungry for almost 4 hours! Also, coconut milk was a first for me ( I know I’m really boring right?!). I used Soy milk because I had it on hand the first time, but have used coconut since. I’m hooked on Coconut milk now, it is so delicious. I’ve been reading some of the health benefits and was wowed at how good it is for you. Thanks for sharing!

  72. 162

    Hi! I just have a question, I don’t need to lose weight, but was looking for something like a pre workout or something for after working out.. Would you recommend this?

    • 163

      Hi Staci! Yes! Definitely, it would be great for that, for anytime you’re needing a high protein meal supplement 🙂

  73. 164

    Catherine, I’m starting this today! I’m excited and nervous (as one usually is with trying new eating habits) I’m looking to lose 30-40 lbs that I recently gathered from being in a great, loving relationship!! *fingers crossed about this smoothie helping in me in this process* I’m trying to eat healthy in general as well. I had a question about the bananas; I know you say “frozen banana” (I feel stupid asking) do you just put them in the fridge? I bought some organic ones to start the smoothies and this morning I took them out and of course the color changed and they were definitely frozen!! Is this the correct way? Can I keep them in the freezer? Thanks for your help & this recipe!!

    • 165

      Hi Annabel! I put them in the freezer, whole, (just peel first) and they give a wonderful frothy texture to the smoothie!

  74. 166

    I love the smoothie the only concern I have
    Is the bananas have to be frozen?? I use organic
    But not frozen does it make a difrence??

    • 167

      Griselda, it doesn’t have to be frozen 🙂 I just like the way it makes the texture when it’s frozen 🙂

  75. 168

    I have bought some organic coconut oil and have been incoorperating it into our diet. But I’m new to this and wonder how the coconut oil reacts to cold food. Does it stay smooth, or get thick and lumpy?

    • 169

      Christy, I usually use room temp coconut milk and I don’t have any problems 🙂 If the coconut milk is cold, it will probably clump though!!

  76. 170
  77. 173

    Hi Catherine,
    I was wondering if you could help me with something. My husband and I want to start the Maker’s Diet next week (already read the book), but I am still breastfeeding. Did you ever do Phase 1 while breastfeeding? Do you think it is unsafe due to toxins being released? (We have been eating some organic, but we eat out, too…) Thanks for your input!

    • 174

      Hi Gina!! I think it depends on what your diet now is like, and how old your little one is 🙂 If your little one is over 6 months and you are not eating only processed foods, then I think it would be fine. Otherwise I’d start on Phase 2 🙂

  78. 175

    Hi Catherine,

    I found your recipie on Pinterest and since I recently learned about the possitive properties of coconut oil, I decided to try the smoothie. And that it helps with weight loss is also a very big bonus! I gained 15 kg (!) because I have adrenal fatigue. Due to therapy and changing my diet I’m already feeling much better than 1,5 years ago, but it would be nice to loose the extra weight…. I tried the smoothie today and is delicious! Now see what it does to my weight 🙂
    Hilly ( the Netherlands)

  79. 176

    This sounds SO good! I’m going to be making a batch of coconut milk tomorrow so I think this may end up being my lunch!

    Great job on your weight loss! I’m working on losing all of my baby weight too. Just 8 lbs to go! Hopefully this smoothie will help 😉

  80. 178

    HI Catherine, I wanted to know if this would be ok for people with diabetes to drink as a meal supplement/breakfast shake?

    • 179

      Hi Emmy! Yes, definitely, just reduce the amount pretty significantly on the fruit and honey, and be sure to monitor your levels to see how it affects you 🙂

  81. 180
    • 181

      Hi Tammy! I recommend Native Forest Organic coconut milk in the can, which is BPA free. The coconut milk “beverages” in the coconut milk are usually full of synthetic vitamins 🙂

  82. 182

    For anybody who was having the same problem as me…adding a little hot water to the mixture before adding the frozen banana will help the coconut oil to to dissolve, so you wount have those little hard coconut oil chunks .

    • 183

      What coconut oil are you using? The first time I made this smoothie I used what I had on hand which was the Louana brand coconut oil. It chunked up in the and I didn’t like that at all!

      I am now using an organic, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. It does not chunk up at all….very smooth, can’t even tell it’s in there! I do melt my oild prior to adding it to the blender!

  83. 184
    • 185

      Amanda, I wouldn’t recommend them from stores like Walmart as they will have non organic coconut milk “beverages” loaded with synthetic vitamins. I’d recommend Native Forest Organic’s Whole Fat Unsweetened coconut milk in the can 🙂 You can get it at health food stores, or on Amazon!

  84. 186
    • 187

      It is Elaine! That’s the point! 🙂 See the book Eat Fat Lose Fat or my eBook Eat Fat Get Skinny for more 🙂

  85. 188

    I don’t have an alergy to eggs, but I have a very large dis like for egges. If I get anywhere near an egg so I can smell it I can eat the food, I will throw up. However if it is cooked or blended into the food I am perfectly fine. Can you taste the eggs in this recipe?

    • 189

      You can’t taste it at all Taunya! But you could substitute a high quality protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein instead if you’d like 🙂

  86. 190


    I have a tree nut, peanut and soy allergies. I don’t believe I can use coconut milk bc it is considered a tree nut. Because it comes from the palm tree family. However, I have used canned coconut milk on occasion for cooking w/o any problems. I think organic may be more dangerous bc its closer to the natural state. Any thoughts? I am also lactose intolerant so I can’t drink regular milk.

    • 191

      DeLaine, you know your body best, so I’d use caution with an allergy! I do however only recommend using Native Forest Organic Unsweetened Coconut milk in the can, as it’s BPA free and contains no additives 🙂

  87. 192

    Hi Catherine, I keep seeing websites saying people use coconut oil/milk for weight gain and then others say it won’t make you gain weight. I am getting sick of tomato sauce so I am eating curry with string beans, whole wheat pasta, a small bit of lean beef, and mushrooms. I use the canned coconut milk and it has no preservatives and only coconut, and a serving is 60% saturated fat, there are five servings in a can and I eat 1.5-2 servings of it per meal. Where does all the saturated fat in the coconut milk go? How does it not get stored in my waistline? How does it cause the loss of weight?

    • 193

      Hi Mallory! The Medium Chain Fatty Acids in coconut oil are very different than polyunsaturated oils, which get stored in fat tissue. MCFA’s in contrast, get burned in your bloodstream within minutes, thus igniting your metabolism. 🙂 So that’s how it doesn’t get stored in your waistline 🙂 See Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon or my eBook Eat Fat Get Skinny for more on this!

      • 194

        Hi Catherine, that’s interesting information. So what are the saturated and unsaturated fats that cause weight gain? What foods are they in? What foods with fat are good with weight loss?

        I am going to make a guess, fatty salmon, nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut are good fats, am I right? What other food contains this good fat?

        So are all the bad fats just animal fats (pork beef chicken), processed fats, and deep fried? Is the fat in eggs good or bad?

        I would love to know some examples of fatty foods that help you lose weight, I am very curious. says coconut milk is a weight gainer (2.5 stars weight gain vs 1.5 stars weight loss) how accurate are they?

        Thank you for informing me.

        • 195

          I have to rephrase the first question, are monounsaturated fats weight gainers too or no? What foods are the weight gaining polyunsaturated fats in?

          • 196

            One more thing, are the MCFA’s that you are talking about, saturated? or unsaturated? because coconut oil has a high quantity of saturated fats which tend to worry me.

          • 197

            Mallory, typical vegetable oils like olive oil, canola, etc are culprits for weight gain! Organic butter and coconut oil are best, organic coconut oil is the very best 🙂 For more on this, I’d recommend you do some more extensive research by reading the scientific study Sally Fallon did in her book Eat Fat Lose Fat 🙂

  88. 198

    Ok I just needed to come on here and make some follow up comments on this smoothie!

    I have been making it for a few weeks now. The first time I made it I used the ingredients I had on hand which included Louana brand coconut oil which chunked up in the smoothie, I didn’t like that so I did not make it again. I went to Costco and saw some organic cold unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil so I bought that. The first time I used it I noticed a huge difference from the Louana brand…..this oil had a smooth texture and a nice coconut smell unlike the Louana which had neither of those….I am wondering if the Louana is even really coconut oil! I started using the new oil and it made a big difference in the smoothie!

    BUT still I was going crazy trying to find the Native Forrest coconut milk! I was using Trader Joe’s and Silk brand regfriderated coconut milk. It tasted fine but I knew it was not the right milk and did not like the additives in the milk. After seeing you say the milk is in a can I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought a couple of cans.

    Just made my first smoothie with ALL of the correct ingredients and WOW…..this is SOOOOOOOO GOOD! What a difference the right coconut milk makes!

    I am slightly concerned with the fat content but I trust in what you are saying and I too did lose 50lbs after my 2nd child was born without ever counting calories….just a healthy diet and lots of time in the gym!

    Thanks for this great recipe!!!

  89. 199
    • 200

      Yes you sure can Danielle, in this case I’d recommend substituting a high quality protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein!

  90. 201
  91. 202
  92. 204

    Instead of raw eggs is there a substitute? Would you be able to use flaxseed meal or something like that, would it still be a weight loss smoothie? Also does it have to be virgin coconut oil, can you use just coconut oil?

    • 205

      Laura, you just want something to replace the protein to keep you full and give you a balanced amount of nutrients- I’d use Garden of Life’s Raw Protein powder instead 🙂

    • 206

      Also, I would just make sure you’re using organic coconut oil- there’s not technically a difference in virgin vs. extra virgin coconut oil, but there’s a BIG difference between organic and conventional, and even within organic quality varies greatly- Garden of Life and Tropical Traditions are the two brands I recommend.

  93. 207

    Hi catherine
    So I have 2 kids my youngest one is 4 months !
    I would love to loose some wait 🙂 am only breastfeeding do you think its okay to use the smoothie ? And can I skip the raw egg ? I so scare to drink raw egg.

    • 208

      Hi Katterinee!! Congratulations on your little ones 🙂 Yes it sure is ok to use the smoothie while nursing!! I created the recipe while nursing our 3rd baby girl, because I wanted to lose weight but still needed good calories to nurse 🙂 And you can skip the raw egg if you’d like, you can add a protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein if you want to!

  94. 209
  95. 211

    We’ re city people here, only saw chickens in petting zoos. Anyway, we have protein powder to cover all those areas and no worries ; )

  96. 212

    I have a question in regards to sugar. I have insulin resistance, and need to keep my sugar intake down. Berries and bananas are high on the glycemic index. Do they play an important roll besides nutritional value & creaminess? Also, I will try the raw eggs, but could I eat an organic hard boiled eggs along with the smoothie? I look forward to reading your book. I ran across your pin on Pinterest. Thank you & bless you for reaching out and sharing your knowledge with us.

    • 213

      Hi Jen! Yes you sure could substitute another type of berry 🙂 And you could also eat the eggs alongside it for sure!! Bless you and thanks for reading!!

  97. 214

    I have diverticulitis and cannot have the seeds that are in berries, can I use mango, peaches, apples, spinach or some other type of fruit?

  98. 216
  99. 217

    Hi Catherine, I’m new to your site, this question may have been asked, can I just use just regular ingredients if u can’t get the organic and get the same result?

  100. 219

    To those comparing calories…. my almond/coconut blend milk contains 45 calories per cup. Not organic but its non-gmo. And delicious.

  101. 220

    Is it ok to switch the berries for maybe pineapple? Although I love berries i find them so hard in smoothies because of all the seeds. And can i leave out the banana or is that really a good part? I work at a place that has whey protein thats 100% pure so i could add that if need be

    • 221

      Hi T! Yes you could definitely substitute those fruits 🙂 I would only recommend Garden of Life’s Organic Raw Protein powder though, most whey protein powders are very processed 🙂

  102. 222

    I just wanted to know if you have the amount of calories this shake would be off hand? I do count my calorie intake daily, but I really want to try this shake!

    • 223

      Hi Kimberly! I actually don’t, but then again I’ve never counted calories and still lost almost 50 lbs of baby weight! 😉

  103. 224

    I’ve been using this recipe and it is awesome! I did make some minor adjustments to suit my needs. I don’t eat eggs raw, and can barely stomach them when I cook the heck out of them. So, I used flax seed and protein powder. I also added a handful of my dehydrated kale. You don’t even know the kale is in it. This is now my go-to morning breakfast!

  104. 226

    Hi Catherine,
    I’m new to this website, but love all the health info!
    I’ve searched many websites in search of a (one that really works!) face scrub and mask for acne. I have oily skin and have spend hundreds of dollars on many products (off the shelf and the famous ‘good’ name brand) do you have any suggestions ?

  105. 228

    Hello, Which Native Forest Organic milk do you use? I went to Amazon to look for it and there were several types. Light, original, unsweetened. Also I know organic is better because of toxins and synthetic ingredients and such but it is very expensive. Would you still lose weight using non-organic coconut milk in cartons. I realize it may not taste as good or be as healthy overall but I am really just concerned with the weight loss. Thanks for all your great info.

  106. 230

    I have the ingredients to start using this smoothie, I have also consulted with my dietician, she wants me to do this for 2 months and when we see the results she will be most likely sharing this recipe with her other clients as a great way to lose weight, I have to keep an eye on my blood sugars and we go from there, I hope I see the results I want to see and thank you for this recipe, this is the first glimmer of hope I have had in a long time to make myself healthier 🙂

    • 231
      • 232

        I drank my first smoothie this morning and it did keep me from being hungry until mid afternoon, my blood sugars did just fine and the only addition i made to my smoothie this morning was to add a little sweetener to it. I used Splenda because I don’t have any honey on hand and I prefer the Splenda over the honey, and I will also be substituting or adding blueberries and or raspberries to it for the antioxidant properties on ocassion, but on the bright side, the smoothie can stand all on its own, it is really delicious 🙂

        • 233

          Hi Barbara!! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the smoothie!! I’d recommend staying away from Splenda as it’s highly toxic but organic raw honey is amazing for you!! 🙂

  107. 234
  108. 236
  109. 238
    • 239

      Yes you sure could Kristie!! I actually created it while I was nursing, as a quick and easy meal and for weight loss too 🙂

  110. 240

    I love coconut milk and will absolutely try this smoothie, but with protein powder instead. There is only one thing though, I get so very nauseous and queezy from coconut oil. Have tried it many times and have had to stop using it. Will it be just as beneficial for weight loss without the coconut oil?

    • 241

      Hi Ann-Christine! No, not quite, but coconut oil has that effect on some people 🙂 Just using the coconut milk will be great! It’s definitely not worth using something that makes you feel that way 🙂

  111. 242

    Since several people, myself included, is hesitant to eat raw egg, wouldn’t it be just the same to eat the eggs boiled instead?
    It’s just like a meal with the smoothie and eggs on the side. What do you think?

  112. 244
    • 245

      Mona, because coconut is great for weight loss 🙂 Look into chia! It’s also great for weight loss. Won’t work as quickly as coconut will, but it will still help!

  113. 246
    • 247

      Cindy, you can also replace it with a high quality organic protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein 🙂

  114. 248

    Hi Catherine.
    I have been drinking this smoothie for a week now and have even gotten my husband to start drinking it as well. I ve been buying the Native brand coconut milk. I know that the fat in coconut milk is not bad fat, but I was curious if you tried or what you thought of using the Light coconut milk by native? Would using the light not make a difference for weight loss?

  115. 249
    • 250

      Hi Stephanie! It’s great for breastfeeding Mamas! In fact, I created it while nursing our 3rd because I needed something that would help me lose weight but also have enough calories to keep me full while breastfeeding 🙂

  116. 251
  117. 253
    • 254

      Hi Renee!! Coconut manna is basically whole coconut, so it will be different than the oil. You could still use it, but I’d recommend using the oil instead 🙂

  118. 255

    Are you able to pre-make this smoothie and take it to work if kept in he freezer or fridge? Wasn’t sure with the raw eggs.

    • 256

      Hi Brie! You sure can! I wouldn’t leave it longer than overnight though, or if you make it in the morning and have for lunch, etc 🙂

  119. 257

    Hi, I just ran across this via Pinterest. I want to try this. Congrats on your progress. I need to lose some baby weight as well. What do you eat for dinner and do you snack?

    • 258

      Hi Heidi!! For dinner I love a salad, meat, and some veggies. For snacks, I love raw cheese, organic whole milk yogurt, and organic celery with almond or peanut butter 🙂

  120. 259

    I actually half this recipe and have it for breakfast almost every day. I toss in a bit of cocoa and some leafy greens as well.

    I do currently count calories because I feel it is teaching me a lot about food, but do not plan to do so forever. Anyway, at a half size it is a little over 400 calories. I don’t know how anyone eats a full recipe of this in one sitting! I am so full after my half recipe…and for hours!

    I love it because it helps my cravings by keeping me satisfied, then I can eat a good, healthy lunch, instead of a ravenous, eat everything in sight lunch! Definitely a keeper for me!

  121. 261

    Ok, I have a dumb question. So if the can of coconut milk is 13oz do you pour out 8oz and save the rest for the next days lunch?? Do you store it in the fridge? Yummy smoothies btw!! In the Makers Diet book he has a lot of variations that you could use for this smoothies 🙂

    • 262

      Not a dumb question at all Michelle!! Yes, that’s exactly what I do 🙂 Just store in a glass container in the fridge!

  122. 263
    • 264

      Denise, I recommend everything be organic because of the many chemicals and toxins present in conventional foods 🙂

  123. 265

    This sounds wonderful. Any substitutions for coconut though? I’m allergic, but would like to try something like this.

    • 266

      Hi Sue! Well, it’s the coconut that provides the thermogenic properties which lead to weight loss. I’d try Garden of Life’s Raw Meal and take their Fuco Thin Green instead if you are allergic to coconut 🙂

  124. 267

    This sounds really good but it has 922 calories and almost 74 grams of fat. That seems way too high to be a weight loss smoothie.

    • 268

      Fran, yes it’s very high in calories and fat and that’s why it works 😉 See the book Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig on the science behind why coconut works for weight loss 🙂

  125. 269
  126. 270

    Can they be made ahead for the week? As in can I make them Sunday night and drink for 5 days or does it have to be made daily?

    • 271

      Hi Amy! I wouldn’t make them that far ahead, because they won’t taste that good, lol 🙂 You could maybe make them the night before though!

  127. 272

    Hi, we have been using organic cow’s milk for 1 1/2 yrs. My question will the cows milk be as effective in weightloss as the coconut milk. Or will it take longer to loose the weight??

    • 273

      Hi Beverly! Yes, cow’s milk doesn’t have any of the thermogenic (metabolism increasing) properties that coconut milk does 🙂 So you would want to use coconut milk in the smoothie if you’re taking it for weight loss 🙂

  128. 274

    The only problem with the eggs, is that a lot of times eggs make me sick. They hurt my stomach and make me cramp, so will this work just as good without the eggs added?

    • 275

      Hi Linda! Yes you could certainly leave them out. I would recommend replacing with a high quality protein powder like Garden of Life’s Raw Protein powder 🙂

  129. 276

    I too am concerned with the calorie count and fat content in the coconut milk. Sounds delicious but I follow weight watchers (calorie counting for dummies) and I’m really concerned with the amt of calories. I’m almost afraid to try it and start packing on lbs if I drank say once a day.

    • 277

      Nicole, coconut oil is a thermogenic and will actually increase your metabolism and cause you to burn more calories and lose weight more quickly especially when combined with exercise. Counting calories is outdated science. See the book Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig for more on this 🙂

  130. 278

    I am a fairly new reader to your site and love all the helpful information. I started the switch to an all organic and non-GMO diet about 3 years ago. It’s quite a transition (more so the GMO part) and I feel like I am constantly learning. Even with organic, I just don’t think I can do the raw eggs! What are your thoughts on the Juice Plus Complete protein powder. It is non-GMO soy.

    • 279

      Hi Tia! Good for you! And yes we are all constantly learning 🙂 No problem if you don’t want to do the eggs. I don’t have any experience with Juice Plus Complete protein powder, but I do love Garden of Life’s Raw Protein powder 🙂

  131. 280

    Hi there! I tried the smoothie and was shocked that the eggs were completely hidden! Amazing. Totally awesome. My problem is that, even though I followed the recipe to a T, I am hungry after only a few hours. I will add that I am breastfeeding right now, but I really expected to be full for a long time. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    • 281

      Hi Jamie! Yes, this sounds about right for breastfeeding 🙂 When I was bf’ing our 3rd baby, I was hungry every hour or two so 3 hrs was a breakthrough 😉 Without bf’ing I’d say I’m full from this smoothie for at least 4+ hrs. One thought is you could add more coconut oil, (like 2 tbsp) but that could also make it hard to digest. Just give yourself grace during this time, I know it’s hard! 🙂

  132. 282
  133. 284

    Catherine, do you include the fat at the top of the coconut milk in the 8 oz? Also, since a can contains 13.5 oz, I assume you save the remainder for another use or another day? (May be an obvious question, but just wondering.)

  134. 286

    I’m glad to see many people who incorporate raw eggs into their diet. The egg in its raw form is definitely the healthiest, nutrient dense animal protein. Grass fed cage free is where its at! Only 1 in 120,000 eggs might contain salmonella, and it would be on the shell. So just wash the shell before u crack it. I use eggs in smoothies for meal replacement and post work out shakes since 2008. i Feed em to my daughter as well… The yolk is where the vitamins and minerals are at. Dont know why people discard em. well, i do know why… All the misinformation about fat n cholesterol… Thanks for the great post. Stay awesome!!!
    I don’t know what is do with out coconut oil. I use it internally and externally!!!

  135. 287

    I was hesitant to try this smoothie because of the raw eggs but it looked so good. I was looking for something to help with my weight loss that was fast to make for my busy mornings. I tried it today and it was so delicious. I didn’t taste the eggs at all. I put the coconut oil in a measuring cup and placed that in a measuring cup with hot water to melt the oil before adding it to my smoothie. After everything was blended well I added the coconut oil and blended again for a few seconds absolutely delicious. It did have me full for hours. I found it hard to workout after drinking it because I was too full so I will drink after workouts. Thanks for sharing.

  136. 288

    I was wondering if you can use almond milk and olive oil as I know they’re both still good for you. I simply can’t afford the coconut milk/oil.

  137. 289

    I have just made this smoothie and it’s lovely and creamy.. However I have split having one for breakfast and lunch.. Now I am puzzled what to have for my evening meal.. Would soup and crusty bread be okay? I am planning to do this for 2 days in the week or what would you suggest?

    • 290

      Hi Debbie! I’m glad you enjoyed the smoothie! For dinner I would recommend organic grass fed protein in some form, or wild caught fish, and veggies! I would do it for 2-4 weeks and see what you results are. Also be sure to increase your exercise too! Let me know how it goes 🙂

  138. 291

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