How To Clean Your Home Without Toxins

How To Clean Your Home Without Toxins

By: Catherine Slezinger

Growing up, one of my household chores was to clean the bathrooms.  We used Comet Cleanser, and my childhood asthma would always flare up whenever I dumped some down the toilet.  I thought it was awesome, because I had a great excuse to stop, while running down the hall yelling: "Mom, I’m allergic to cleaning!!!"

Well, that never got me out of chores, but it turns out I was right- you really can be allergic to all common household cleaners, and most of them are downright deadly!

In fact, studies show that those in professions requiring the use of household chemical cleaners- like stay at home moms or professional house cleaners, have higher mortality rates from cancer! Scary!

After cleaning my house for the last 7 years with completely natural products, I honestly can’t figure out now why these chemicals were ever created- or- why we’re all convinced we need all five hundred jillion of ’em. 

This week I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite natural household cleaners!  The best part?  None of them are toxic, so they won’t add to your body’s burden, they’re safe for your kids (or you pregnant mamas) and if you’re sensitive like me, they won’t give you a headache or cause allergy attacks!

Oh, and they work!

Ok, so first favorite completely non toxic household cleaner is: basic spray bottle w/ soap and a microfiber E Cloth.

(Pictured above) My trusty spray bottles (which I get for 99 cents at WalMart) with:

30 oz. water

1 oz. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap. (I like using peppermint or the citrus scent for cleaning)

Combine with a general purpose E- Cloth:

 How To Clean Your Home Without Toxins

And scrub away!  It’s really that easy.  All you have to do is spray the counters or whatever surface you’re cleaning, let it sit for a few minutes (learned this trick from an awesome Don Aslett book) and then wipe down with a wet, and wrung dry e cloth. 

Rinse the E Cloth and repeat as necessary!

Oh, and E Cloths are these amazing micro fiber cloths that have fibers smaller than the size of a human hair.  That means they pick up microscopic bacteria in your house!  Microfiber products are gaining a LOT of popularity right now, but they’re not all created equally. 

Not all of them have threaded fibers that are the same size- the smaller the strands in the cloth, the more it picks up, and the less time it takes.  That’s why I love these E- Cloths!  They are some of the best on the market!

The other great thing about E Cloths is that you just throw them in the washer when you’re done with them.  No need for paper towels.  I used to use dishrags and a spray bottle with soap, but I’m really amazed how much cleaner things get with the E Cloths.  And it goes much faster too!

All right, now you know my favorite all purpose, general cleaner and solution.  On Thursday I’ll be sharing some specific tools for grimy jobs!  Talk to you then!

With love,

Catherine Slezinger



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    Do you ever add essential oils to the water/castile soap combination? If so, how many drops would you recommend with the measurements listed above? Thanks for all of your amazing help!

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