Do It Yourself Chocolate Mint Body Butter with Essential Oils


It’s that time of year when skin turns DRY. At least mine does. It doesn’t help that I’m always washing dishes, washing my hands, washing dishes, washing dishes, washing….dishes 🙂 I get little cuts on my hands and they hurt! Plus they make my hands look like I’m 115 years old. So I love any pampering that this winter skin can soak up!

This recipe makes a soothing, creamy body butter that you can use on hands, feet, elbows, kids, or anywhere that needs a little more moisture!

The coconut oil in this recipe combined with the cocoa powder will make a rich, buttery cream thick enough to moisturize all your cracks and dryness, (plus…I mean it smells like chocolate!) and yet still be spreadable and rich.

If you haven’t smelled Young Living’s Stress Away blend that this recipe calls for, you’re in for a treat. It’s a blend of copaiba, lime, cedar wood, vanilla, ocotea and lavender oils. It’s soothing, calming and relaxing. It’s great for anytime you need a little peace & quiet on demand! The peppermint oil that this recipe calls for has a cooling effect on skin and also soothes tired and worn muscles.

You can substitute other essential oils but this blend really is a special one!

The recipe is above in the infographic, but here it is written out as well:

Chocolate Mint Body Butter

1/2 cup organic cocoa butter

1/2 cup organic coconut oil

20 drops peppermint oil

20 drops Stress Away

  1. Melt coconut oil & cocoa butter over low heat. Cool in fridge until mostly solid.
  2. Add essential oils and whip until whipped and airy.
  3. Scoop body butter into a glass container.

Make yourself a batch of this for Valentine’s Day 🙂 And share it with no one. Just kidding. Sort of 🙂

With lots of LOVE!

Catherine Slezinger

P.S. Valentine’s Day is a great day to get yourself a special treat! Treat yourself to some new essential oils here 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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