Have Your Chocolate & Eat It Too- Smooth & Rich Dark Chocolate With Probiotics & Omega-3’s, That Even Kids Can Enjoy!

The other day I was changing our baby’s diaper (she’s 9 months old now!) and ran upstairs quickly to fetch a necessary item.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed our 2 yr. old in the kitchen.  I didn’t think he could be up to too much harm, though, so I didn’t worry.

I should have!

When I came back downstairs about 25 seconds later, I went in the kitchen to check on him. One glance at his face told the whole story- he was covered in chocolate! 

Even though we have a lock on our fridge, he had managed to get in, (that probably had something to do with our 4 year old!) and was opening up and eating all the remaining bars of Beyond Organic chocolate.  He had literally opened up every single one (we had 5 left) and taken a bite out of each one!  Here is a picture of the evidence:

Let me just say that the fight to wrestle the remaining chocolate out of his chocolate covered hands proved my little man’s title of "2 year old"!

Let me also say that this is the first time ANY of my kids have ever had any sweet treat besides a little raw honey on their soaked pancakes!  I have deliberately kept them from sweets, apparently my little guy decided to take matters into his own hands!

Micah isn’t the only one in our house who loves this sumptuous Beyond Organic chocolate.  My husband, a self proclaimed non chocolate lover, (unlike me!) has been devouring them like there’s no tomorrow.  He particularly loves them with a glass of cold raw milk.

It sure does make me happy knowing that I can pack a bar in my husband’s lunch and not only is he getting a daily dose of healthy antioxidants, but he’s also getting fiber, probiotics, and nearly as much omega-3’s as a teaspoon of cod liver oil!

Crafted by 5th generation Italian Chocolatiers from the finest organically grown cacao beans and raw ingredients, Beyond Organic chocolate is truly the finest on the market.  I mean, seriously, only Jordan Rubin would think to make probiotic chocolate!

The longest lived cultures in history all had diets rich in probiotic-laden foods.  This makes sense, because life and death comes back to what’s going on in our gut.  When the good guys outnumber the bad guys, so to speak, we enjoy health.  When the tables get reversed, however, sickness and disease inevitably set in.  (The proper ratio of good and bad bacteria in a healthy person’s digestive tract is 85% to 15%)

When we regularly consume foods rich in probiotics, we boost our body’s immune strengthening defenses.  And what better way to consume some probiotics and omega- 3’s than to enjoy rich, smooth, dark chocolate in the process?

So, whether you keep your chocolate a secret from your family members, or leave it for all to enjoy, this Beyond Organic chocolate is one indulgence you can feel great about!

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    I love coconut oil for everything and I mean everything. I use almond milk for no good reason. I eat a spoonful of coconut oil out of the jar, I make coconut avocado banana ice cream with it the avocado has no taste but adds to consistency and smoothness. agave better than honey for sweetening because it is sweeter and need less.

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