So….I broke my toe….😭😭😭

Sometimes life doesn’t go as we planned.

Don’t you wish it would?

I was sitting on my couch, and got up too quickly and walked RIGHT into my rebounder (the best mini trampoline, best workout in all the world) and hit my second toe right on one of the legs. I moaned in pain and figured it was fine…until I tried to walk ….and then noticed how misshapen it was at the bottom. 😩 😩 😩

I did gymnastics for my entire childhood and only suffered one minor injury, despite years of flipping on 4 inch balance beams 4 feet off the ground, whirling on uneven bars and tumbling on vaults- I broke my pinky toe on my right foot running into a cable, while doing a warmup one night at gymnastics practice. So, I know what a broken toe feels like. And, I know that even the doctors say that they don’t put a “cast” on a broken toe, it’s just gotta heal.

But, being a gymnast is not nearly as hard as being a MOM and having a broken toe! my goodness!!!

I’m taking magnesium baths, slathering my toe in essential oils like copaiba, Idaho blue spruce, lavender, frankincense, and Idaho Balsam fir. I’m also taping my toe to the adjoining toes with sports/medical tape.

Not that you REALLY needed to know that my toe is broken, but know you do. And, my bigger hope is that you see that my life is just as difficult, insane, and unpredictable as yours is. (it may even be worse!!)

Unexpected things happen to all of us. So here’s me, reaching out to you to give you a hug to tell you you’re not alone. No matter what little bit of unexpected happened for you today.

And also, the moral of the story is….always have essential oils on hand!

If you’re a Mom, just know….I’m with you 🙂



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