Achieving The Health of Your Dreams in 2012: A Free Tool To Help You Get Started!

With 2012 quickly approaching, I’m mapping out my health goals for next year, and my plan to achieve them. I already shared how I want to lose two more sizes of baby weight, and another goal I have is to start fermenting vegetables much more frequently. 

As you’re setting your health goals for next year, I wanted to make sure you knew about an incredible resource that is available to you from Dr. Mercola.  It’s his free nutritional typing test, and it can help you get over any "health humps" or weight loss slumps that you are currently in! 

Knowing which foods you should be eating for YOUR body is so crucial to your health!  The results of this test helped me craft an entire eating plan, which has been one of the primary reasons I’ve been able to lose almost 3 sizes in 4 months!  (That, and coconut oil & exercise!)

Take the test here:

Once you do, leave a comment and let me know what "type" you are! I’m the protein type!  High protein, high fat, low carb does best for me and my health goals. 😉

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